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The significance of struggle

By James Clingman Trice Edney News Wire One of the main themes in the political conventions was centered on how hard it was for the speakers’ families, their parents and grandparents, and how they struggled to make it. Virtually every top speaker reflected on the hard times they went through and how their relatives struggled to put food on the table, how their parents worked two jobs to support their famili ...

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10 reasons why Detroit City Council should say ‘no’ to proposed lease of Belle Isle

By JoAnn Watson The state of Michigan claims that “establishing Belle Isle as a state park provides financial relief to Detroit … brings … restoration and enhancements to the park, and guarantees a beautiful place for Michigan residents to enjoy for decades to come.” However, the proposed lease guarantees zero dollars in compensation to the city of Detroit for a 30-year lease of Belle Isle with two automati ...

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Re-imagining education: School as art

By Julia Pointer Putnam At the Re-Imagining Education conversation hosted by the Boggs Educational Center on July 12 (as part of the Re-Imagine Revolution gathering in Detroit of activists from around the country), we asked the participants to respond to the prompt, What if school were a place where… We received 120 responses from people ranging in age from 14-97, including students, teachers and parents. R ...

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Black male students school educators on effective learning

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Teachers, school administrators and education policy experts have lectured at the head of the class for decades while failing to solve the complex equation of the Black male achievement gap. Now, high-performing, young Black males are picking up the chalk. Teachers and school officials should take notes. ...

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ARISE Detroit! asks community to participate in conversation about education

DETROIT — ARISE Detroit! invites citizens to participate in an upcoming Education Community Conversation on Oct. 4, from 6-8 p.m., at the Samaritan Center in partnership with the Center for Michigan, a nonprofit and nonpartisan “think-and-do” tank located in Ann Arbor. A group of 25-50 people will convene for a 90-minute discussion focused on Michigan’s pre-K-12 education system and student learning. The co ...

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Emergent democracy

By Shea Howell Special to the Michigan Citizen As the election season intensifies, many people are thinking that representative democracy has become an empty idea. Pettiness, lies, distortions and drives for personal power overshadow meaningful public discussion of the problems we face or the potential we have to create something new. At almost every level, the only interests represented seem to be those of ...

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‘Doll Face’ premieres Sept. 22 at N’Namdi Center

Exhibit a commentary on beauty in media and culture DETROIT — How many women go to a plastic surgeon and order Angelina Jolie’s lips, Kate Moss’s eyes or Keira Knightley’s nose? What if you could simply pick and choose what you wanted? If you could have all three, would the result be beautiful? Those are the driving questions behind “Doll Face” by artist Ben Sharkey. “I first came up with the design in a sk ...

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Residents: City Council does not need more protection

A woman was arrested Sept. 7 after a handgun was found in her purse at a checkpoint in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center. The Detroit City Council holds sessions on the 13th floor of the building. Some Council members say they should have more protection when they attend community events. Do you think City Council members need more protection? ...

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