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A vote for consumers

By Julianne Malveaux Trice Edney News Wire In this 2012 election, most of the focus is on the top of the ticket. Can President Obama maintain, or increase, his lead over Republican nominee Mitt Romney? Will “deep pockets” Romney prevaricate enough in his ubiquitous advertising to turn the tide? Recent news suggests fundraising for Mr. Romney has recently faltered. That, too, is the fodder for national news ...

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Netanyahu’s ‘red line’ is just a red herring

By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon II Trice Edney News Wire The Huffington Post and other sources have reported that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu requested a meeting with President Obama to discuss tightening restrictions on Iran and President Obama has rejected his request. Netanyahu has been trying to get the Obama administration to support Israel’s attempt to set a “red line” or boundary around Iran’s nuclear dev ...

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Important school issues are ‘off the table’

By Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. Trice Edney News Wire The Chicago teachers’ strike got national attention, much of it presuming that the biggest issues are pay and evaluation. But the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has stated that the two sides have in fact been very close on pay. And union members have no objection to evaluation. They just want a system not so skewed to standardized, high-stakes testing. These tes ...

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‘Occupy the Vote’ hip hop concert

Election Day 2012 is quickly approaching. Once again the people of Detroit are working to raise awareness about the importance of casting a ballot and the necessity of getting people registered to vote. On Oct. 7, “Occupy the Vote 2012,” a hip hop concert and community rally, will take place at the Redford Theater as a registration drive and dialogue about the candidates and the issues on the Nov. 6 ballot. ...

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Duggan for mayor?

Mike Duggan has announced his intention to create an exploratory committee that will begin raising funds and seeking community input on his mayoral run in 2013. Business elite and corporate media have been gearing up for this run for some time with headlines such as: “Is it time for a white mayor?” We believe that is not the prism from which to understand Duggan’s or any other white candidate’s candidacy. I ...

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Be patient

By Frankie Darcell When we pray for God to clean us up and renew and reunite us with people we love, we have got to be clear on what we are asking for and when we’re asking for it. If, for example, he answers our prayers and gives us the spirit of discernment, a cleansing of our mind body and soul, but we then turn around and ask him to bring our husband, wife, beloved or partner back into our lives, we hav ...

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Mother and daughter build business

By Marcus Wright Special to the Michigan Citizen DETROIT — Peggy Gordon and Pamela Boatman are mother and daughter. They also own P Jazz Collections Boutique. P Jazz sells women’s clothing and jewelry. Like their sign says, “Jazzy, Sassy and Classy.” They’ve brought the boutique a long way. “I started P Jazz in my living room in August 1999,” Gordon said. “I had a few suits, coats, sweaters, a few purses an ...

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Food, Conviviality and Commerce

By Dan Carmody Since 1891, Eastern Market has served two key functions in the city of Detroit. It has been the center for local agriculture and food systems, and a place where Detroit residents and businesses enjoy easy access to the bounty of Michigan harvests. The district around the market hosts nearly 80 food businesses that benefit from being in close proximity to each other. This cluster of food busin ...

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