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Resisting corporate control of communications infrastructure

By Victoria Goff This is the first in a series of columns on the 14th Environmental Justice principle: Environmental Justice opposes the destructive operations of multi-national corporations. Did you know that right now, there are six corporations that control almost 90 percent of the media produced in the United States? GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time and CBS control almost all the media you see on rad ...

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A vote for consumers

By Julianne Malveaux Trice Edney News Wire In this 2012 election, most of the focus is on the top of the ticket. Can President Obama maintain, or increase, his lead over Republican nominee Mitt Romney? Will “deep pockets” Romney prevaricate enough in his ubiquitous advertising to turn the tide? Recent news suggests fundraising for Mr. Romney has recently faltered. That, too, is the fodder for national news ...

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Food, Conviviality and Commerce

By Dan Carmody Since 1891, Eastern Market has served two key functions in the city of Detroit. It has been the center for local agriculture and food systems, and a place where Detroit residents and businesses enjoy easy access to the bounty of Michigan harvests. The district around the market hosts nearly 80 food businesses that benefit from being in close proximity to each other. This cluster of food busin ...

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Nurtured small businesses create 10,000 new jobs

New Detroit business account for most By Yanjie Wang Capital News Service LANSING — With an unemployment rate at 9 percent in July and the loss of 500,000 workers in Michigan since 2001, the good news seems to be the creation of nearly 10,000 jobs in small business across the state since January. The new jobs reflect a situation improved by the business tax reform, regulation revision in the state, as well ...

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Citizens raise concerns about new charter entities

By Marcus Wight Special to the Michigan Citizen DETROIT — Two new City Charter-mandated councils are stalled in a bureaucratic tangle. Both the Community Advisory Councils (CAC) and the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) are mandated by the 2012 Charter but not yet enacted. Residents voiced their concern at a Sept. 17 community meeting hosted by the New North End Woodward Community Coalition. The CACs are ...

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Council approves temporary restraining order, subpoenas mayor

Attempt to block dissolution of health department By Mike Sandula The Michigan Citizen DETROIT — Detroit City Council voted unanimously Sept. 18 to seek a temporary restraining order against the dissolution of the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion (DHWP). The Bing Administration had previously transferred the management and most of the programming of DHWP to the Institute for Population He ...

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Detroit’s good food cure

By John Kavanaugh I am old enough to remember when our family had a “Victory Garden” during the Second World War. It was a patriotic thing to do. Ours was part of a large section of Victory Gardens on the southwest corner of Greenfield Road at Michigan Avenue in East Dearborn. The Dearborn Police station is on that property now. During a Depression many years ago the city of Detroit had a mayor, Hazen Pingr ...

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