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Are you better off than you were four years ago?

By George E. Curry NNPA Editor-in-Chief CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Judging from the recently concluded Republican and Democratic conventions, the question of who will be inaugurated as president in January may turn on how voters answer a question posed by Ronald Reagan in his 1980 debate with Democratic incumbent Jimmy Carter: Are you better off today than you were four years ago? The question was raised at the Repu ...

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Data-driven decisions

By Shea Howell Special to the Michigan Citizen DETROIT—Over the next few weeks we are going to hear a lot about data-driven decisions. The Detroit Works Long Term Planning Project will be holding what it calls community conversations on the strategies for development it has generated. Public schools will be counting children, teachers, attendance and class size. Tests and “measures of accountability” are be ...

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Central two-way football standout Green named first PSL Proud Strong Learner of the Week for 2012-13

Ricky Green, in his fourth year on the varsity for Central High’s football team, has been named the Detroit Public School League’s first Proud Strong Learner of the Week for 2012-13. “I’m excited. I feel good about it,” Green said of the honor, representative of the PSL’s top boys and girls athletic performers as nominated by their coaches. The award is presented by the DPS Office of Athletics and sponsored ...

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Cass Tech 57, Northwestern 0; East English Village 34, King 26; Cody 54, Ford 0; Pershing 16, Osborn 0; Douglass 28, Central 12; Renaissance 41, Western 6; Denby 20, Southeastern 12; (nonleague) Warren Collegiate 48, Mumford 12 PSL East Highlight: Village Prep wins big over King DETROIT — East English Village Prep’s Desmond King led his team to a 34-26 victory over the Martin Luther King Crusaders in the PS ...

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Re-imagining education

By Julia Pointer Putnam As the new school year begins, millions of children, parents, teachers and administrators are trying to function in an educational system that has become a pipeline to prison because it was created a hundred years ago to provide a mechanism for separating the “winners” (those privileged by family background) from the “losers” (those destined for robotic jobs on factory assembly lines ...

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Informing ourselves about ‘informed consent’

By Lottie V. Spady This is the second in a series of columns on the 13th Environmental Justice principle: Environmental Justice calls for the strict enforcement of principles of informed consent, and a halt to the testing of experimental reproductive and medical procedures and vaccinations on people of color. What exactly is “informed consent,” and whose responsibility is it to enforce these principles? As ...

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Detroit: A wealth of resources

By Roxanne Moore and Nefer Ra Barber What are resource? Resources are land, people, water, knowledge and skills — to name a few. Detroit is full of resources. If you don’t think so, just talk to your neighbor or an elder in the community and you will be amazed at what you will find. Resource sharing has been the backbone of urban life for many years. In the days after the migration to Detroit from the South ...

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Job Corps makes youth successful

Students graduate, work, travel with DJC By Puakea Olaisha Anderson Special to The Michigan Citizen DETROIT — Detroit Job Corps graduated over 100 students in a number of specialized technical fields Aug. 24. A national Department of Labor program, Job Corps is a free education and training program that helps young people, ages 16-24, learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED and find and keep a goo ...

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Keep your past behind you

By Frankie Darcell No one is perfect. If they were, we wouldn’t need a God; there would be no need for the words “I’m sorry” or “forgive me.” We all stumble and fall in this journey. For some of us, the drop takes longer, but we can always catch ourselves before it’s too late. When many of us look at our past, we feel guilt, anger, resentment, fear, shame or embarrassment because of the decisions we’ve made ...

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The Runway a run away success

By Marcus Wright Special to the Michigan Citizen DETROIT — Christyle Ryce has her own runway. More than one, actually; The Runway 1 on Dequindre and Eight Mile and The Runway 2 in the Russell Bazaar. The Runways are boutiques that sell women clothing and accessories. “I’ve always had a desire to design clothes but I kind of compromised,” Ryce said. “It was easier to get into retail.” Ryce has been in the re ...

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