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Obama needs to project more than ‘hope’

By George E. Curry NNPA The primary goal of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. this week is to highlight the sharp contrast between the policies of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, his Republican opponent. In the past, political conventions were used to count delegates to determine each party’s respective presidential nominee. That has changed in recent years, with the ballot outco ...

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Glossing over the truth about our history

CHILDWATCH By Marian Wright Edelman NNPA “I often say to people who come to the Schomburg that the crisis of today is a consequence of not one, but two generations born after the Civil Rights Movement who have been deliberately kept from their history.” — Khalil Gibran Muhammad, June 2012 When Khalil Muhammad speaks, people listen. He is a scholar, historian and the director of the New York Public Library’s ...

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Who built what?

By Julianne Malveaux NNPA The Republican National Convention’s theme was “We Built This.” One of the speakers was Sher Valenzuela, a Delaware businesswoman who happens to be Latina. She touted the success of her upholstery business and implied it thrived because of her hard work. That’s only partly true. She also thrived because she started out with a $2 million loan from the Small Business Administration, ...

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CODE 22 — No Violence Day: What does it mean?

By Ovella Andreas Codes of honor have been respected from street lords to biblical interpretation, military initiatives to sports tactics. It can be a set of rules or a system of communication. A moral code is a system of principles or rules. Can it be a successful tactic used to reduce violence? The United Communites of America (UCOA) and many citizens will be embracing Code 22 for that reason, a no violen ...

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Black people must rally for Obama more than ever

By Charles Brown We still hear some Black Detroiters saying things like “Obama isn’t doing anything for Black people,” “When is Obama coming to Detroit himself?” and “Why hasn’t the Obama administration helped Detroit fight off takeover by Lansing?” The answer to these questions, as stated in a column in the Aug. 26 issue of the Michigan Citizen, “It’s race, stupid.” The giant step forward that so many whit ...

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Local officials optimistic about their fiscal future

By Lauren Gibbons Capital News Service LANSING — A report suggesting local government leaders are more optimistic about their community’s fiscal health could be good news for the state, but officials say there’s still a long road to recovery ahead for many municipalities. Fewer local governments are less able to meet their fiscal 33 percent in 2012 down from 48 percent in 2011, according to a report by the ...

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Angela Davis defines what freedom really means

By Bobbi Booker Special to the NNPA from the Philadelphia Tribune What is the meaning of freedom? Angela Y. Davis’ life and work have been dedicated to examining this fundamental question and to ending all forms of oppression that deny people their political, cultural and sexual freedom. “The Meaning of Freedom: And Other Difficult Dialogues” (City Lights Open Media) is a collection of 12 searing, previousl ...

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Black pastor, Obama critic linked to right-wing conservatives

By Freddie Allen Washington Correspondent NNPA WASHINGTON — Rev. William Owens, a Black minister who has launched a national campaign against President Obama because of his support of same-sex marriage, portrays himself as head of an independent grassroots organization when, in fact, he is being bankrolled by right-wing groups and maintains strong ties to Republican politicians, it has been disclosed. The M ...

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Washington Informer bolstered in its fight for city contracts

Special to the NNPA from the Washington Informer The largest District of Coumbia-based African American-owned newspaper has garnered the support of an influential media association as it pursues its quest to continue to be considered a general circulation newspaper in the city. David Honig, the president of the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, said The Washington Informer is justified in fight ...

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Community Forum Regarding Milton Hall Shooting

SAGINAW — A viral YouTube video released last week by CNN has civil rights and community leaders, locally and nationally, calling for immediate action and Justice for the family of Milton Hall. The video in question shows Milton arguing and surrounded by police when suddenly officers started to shoot multiple rounds at Mr. Hall, who was known by police and community. The family looks for answers as it is be ...

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