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Upsetting friends

By Shea Howell Special to the Michigan Citizen The attack on the elected Detroit School Board is a direct assault on democracy. It is a mean spirited, small minded and vindictive action that reveals the motives of Lansing to strip Detroit of any power over its own resources and future. Gov. Rick Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette have gone too far, even for their most loyal supports, Stephen Henderso ...

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Change in governance is a bad deal for Detroiters

As Detroiters, there are so many changes that merit our attention — the EAA and Financial Stability Agreement, to name a few — but one issue many may have overlooked is the transfer of Detroit’s Department of Workforce Development (DWDD) and the Department of Health and Wellness Promotion’s (DWHP) responsibilities and resources. In what may be one of the most underreported news stories, almost $100 million ...

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Democratic Election Results

State HouseDistrict 1 Brian BanksDistrict 2 Alberta Tinsley TalabiDistrict 3 John OlumbaDistrict 4 Rosemary RobinsonDistrict 5 Fred DurhalDistrict 6 Rashida TlaibDistrict 7 Thomas StallworthDistrict 8 David NathanDistrict 9 Harvey SantanaDistrict 10 Phil Cavanaugh   ProposalsDIA Arts Millage PASSEDProp J Jails Millage PASSEDU.S. House District 14Gary Peters U.S. House District 13John ConyersProsecuting Atto ...

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Superseding shallowness

By Shea HowellSpecial to the Michigan CitizenLast week, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that the voters can decide whether we will continue to have emergency managers (EMs) in our state. This was a long fight. Stand Up for Democracy and the Detroit NAACP overcame unprecedented obstacles in their efforts to move this choice from a petition drive to a ballot question.Now the forces protecting EMs are reg ...

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Hantz Farms relies on community support for project

Hantz Farms President Mike Score shows the demonstration project near Davison and Mt. Elliot, where over 900 trees were planted in vacant lots. ERIC T. CAMPBELL PHOTO By Eric T. CampbellThe Michigan CitizenDETROIT — After initial skepticism, some community activists on the lower east side are supporting the sale of city-owned lots for repurposing as a large-scale tree farm. The 170-acre forestry development ...

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Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas, on Aug. 2, became the first African American gymnast to win the all-around event at the Olympics. Only three other U.S. gymnasts have achieved this honor in an event that determines the world’s best performer. Douglas’ win came just two days following her strong performance on vault that helped her team win the first women’s Olympic Gold medal for gymnastics in 16 years. According ...

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Worries about ‘upward mobility’

By William Reed NNPA The wealthiest Americans live in gated communities that protect them from the masses. A new poll reveals that many Americans are questioning their prospects for “upward mobility.” The high level of pessimism is reflected among respondents in a recent poll conducted by The Hill newspaper that found 47 percent of likely voters believe it’s impossible for them to become wealthy during the ...

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Gabrielle Douglas’ hair-raising experience

By Julianne Malveaux NNPA If you don’t follow Olympic gymnastics, you may not have heard about Gabrielle Douglas before this year. But the amazing grace of this 16-year-old African American propelled her to Olympic gold last week, and she is the first African American to win an individual medal in gymnastics. Indeed, her performance toppled the Russians, who have portrayed themselves as unbeatable. So unbea ...

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Anti-poverty programs have been successful

By George E. Curry NNPA Conservatives continue to assert that anti-poverty programs have failed when, in fact, they have saved millions of people from plunging into poverty. Fox News, the house organ for right-wingers, has led this disinformation campaign. Let’s examine what two network contributors said on the same day (July 23, 2012): Mary Katherine in an appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor,” said: “Well, ...

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Coming to America: African hip hop artists visit the U.S.

Discuss using hip hop as social, economic change agent By Zenobia Jeffries DETROIT — Hip hop artists from across the continent of Africa recently visited the United States, some for the first time. Five members of the Hip Hop and Civic Engagement project attended various meetings and discussions with local hip hop artists, visited the city’s historical sites, local radio stations and recording studios Aug. ...

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