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Coming to America: African hip hop artists visit the U.S.

Discuss using hip hop as social, economic change agent By Zenobia Jeffries DETROIT — Hip hop artists from across the continent of Africa recently visited the United States, some for the first time. Five members of the Hip Hop and Civic Engagement project attended various meetings and discussions with local hip hop artists, visited the city’s historical sites, local radio stations and recording studios Aug. ...

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Comedy: From ego to we-go

By Richard Feldman Boggs Center Last week, Ray Lesser and Sue Wolpert, publishers of Funny Times, came from Cleveland to visit the Boggs Center. Ray and Sue have been publishing for more than two decades. Today, their 24-page tabloid has more than 65,000 subscribers from across the globe. It is filled with cartoons, comic strips and stories readers have sent to them. During the day, they got a sense of our ...

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By Steve Furay Special to the Michigan Citizen “If you could make music for the world, who would you be? How would it sound? How would it feel? Would it make you think of Motown and the heart that pound The beat in the street, Dillatroit this is 313” — Supa Emcee, “Dillatroit” “Dillatroit” is the latest hip hop song from Detroit to make its way around the world. The new hit single is from the posthumous alb ...

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Grassroots activists struggling to motivate Blacks to vote

By Hazel Trice EdneyTrice Edney News WireWith Black unemployment levels stuck in the double digits, economic frustration and suffering in the Black community are making it difficult for grassroots organizers to motivate people to the polls Nov. 6.“We are in crisis,” says Baltimore Pastor Jamal-Harrison Bryant, whose Empowerment Movement is holding a “Code Red” conference Aug. 15-17 at the Empowerment Temple ...

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Handcuffed man shot and killed in cop car

Arkansas police claim suicide, mother believes they killed him Trice Edney News Wire The FBI is investigating how a 21-year-old Black man was shot and killed while handcuffed in a Jonesboro, Ark. patrol car on July 29. “We’ve been asked to get involved,” Kim Brunell, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Little Rock office, told The Huffington Post Aug. 2. The bureau’s ballistics experts will join the probe, she said ...

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New Detroit organization empowers LGBTQ youth of color

DETROIT — This October, a small group of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) youth of color will be convening in Detroit to train one another in a range of media skills, and then put their talents to work in a collaborative effort to address community problems. The organization, which will hold weekly meetings that include youth-facilitated conversations about community problems, ski ...

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Land and power

By Malik Yakini In the mid-1970s, I was a member of the Detroit-based Pan-African Congress, USA. Inspired by the South African political party, the Pan-Africanist Congress, the PAC-USA asserted that “land is the basis of power.” Of course, this slogan echoed the words of Malcolm X and countless other Black activists before him. It embodied the understanding that it is from the land that we get the food that ...

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Presenting The People’s Law School

By Shawndrica Simmons, Esq., Chancellor I am a practicing attorney in the tri-county area, as well as a community activist. I sit on several boards, from the ACLU to the Metro-Detroit AFL-CIO. I try to be the best steward I can be over the gifts that God has given me. Someone must be a witness and tell the truth to those that deserve and need to hear it. This year marks a shift in government. With all the c ...

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DPS Board to undo EM damage

PA4 foes take the offensiveBy Marcus WrightSpecial to the Michigan CitizenDETROIT — Members of the elected Detroit Public Schools Board plan to undo what Emergency Manager Roy Roberts has done when they convene five o’clock, Aug. 9, at Frederick Douglass Academy.If the Board of Canvassers meet, as ordered by the Michigan Supreme Court, Aug. 8 to certify the 230,000 petition signatures demanding a vote on Pu ...

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Women in Black

DETROIT — Every second Saturday of the month, silent marches will be held in protest of U.S.-sanctioned violence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and other countries. Everyone is welcome and all events begin at noon. Please wear black, walk in single file and in silence. Upccoming walks are scheduled on: -Aug. 11: Royal Oak — Second Street, east of Main; fountain area near library - Sept. 8: Detroit ...

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