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Beyond protest politics

By Amaka Okechukwu I arrived at Detroit 2012 ready to leave protest politics behind. I was tired of and felt disempowered by demands that those in power change our conditions. At most, protests lead to policy reform, but do not restructure anything in a society that desperately needs transformation. I was not willing to compromise with state and corporate authorities when it came to our humanity — too much ...

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City Employment Terms go into effect without Council approval

Mayor imposes 10 percent pay cut, other reductions to city’s unionsBy Mike Sandula and Marcus WrightThe Michigan CitizenDETROIT — A day after Detroit City Council rejected the newly proposed City Employment Terms (CET), the plan was imposed anyway.Council voted 5-4 at its July 17 formal session to reject the newly proposed City Employment Terms. Council members Brenda Jones, Kwame Kenyatta, Andre Spivey and ...

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Just-ended trial of Congolese warlord blasted for sloppy handling

Global Information Network During some of the deadliest years of the inter-ethnic wars in Africa’s eastern Congo, rebel leader Thomas Lubanga went door to door, taking children as young as 10-years-old and sending them to the battlefield, to carry guns, shoot and kill as part of his Union of Congolese Patriots rebel militia. Lubanga’s FPLC was one of six militia groups, which fought for control of the gold- ...

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CDC launches national HIV campaign

By George E. Curry NNPA WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced July 16 the new Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign to remove the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS and to end complacency about the epidemic. “In the fight against HIV, stigma and complacency are among our most insidious opponents,” said Dr. Kevin Fenton, director of CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral ...

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The marriage of logic and feeling

By Tené Dismuke Everyone has goals they want to accomplish in life. But too often, we struggle with making them happen. We fail to recognize that we were given special gifts as we made our introduction onto this plane to carry out everything we need to be happy, healthy and successful. All of what we need, we have within. The only thing we need to do is allow it to flow through us. Have you ever heard the s ...

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Bad policy causes increase in crime

David Fultz, Antonio Leonard, David Doxey Media reports indicate crime is increasing in the city. Do policy decisions, such as decreased street lighting in certain areas of the city, contribute to the increase in crime?Yes. Not just a decrease in street lighting but decreased funding for after-school programs. When young people have nothing to do and no supervision they end up in trouble.David FultzI think ...

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Detroit educational activists meet with U.S. Department of Education

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Detroit activists joined parent and student groups from major urban centers around the country July 10 for a meeting with President Barack Obama’s education cabinet. Russlyn Ali, assistant secretary for the Office of Civil Rights, Peter Cunningham, assistant secretary for Communications and Outreach for President Obama’s education agenda, and Roberto Rodriguez, Domestic Policy Council and ...

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By one vote

By Atty. Cliff Woodards “Should things go wrong at any time, the people will set them to rights by the peaceable exercise of their elective rights.” –Thomas Jefferson The excuse heard most often for not voting in an election is “my one little vote won’t make a difference.” However, the power of one single vote is enormous. Our nation’s past is replete with instances proving that one vote can change and in s ...

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15th Annual Detroit Agriculture Network Tour of urban gardens and farms

By Elizabeth White The Detroit Agriculture Network has announced its 15th Annual Tour of urban gardens and farms in Detroit. The Aug. 1 event will highlight a diverse section of the nearly 1,400 gardens that currently participate in Detroit’s Garden Resource Program and the dedicated gardeners and farmers tending these backyard, school, community and market gardens. The efforts of these urban gardeners and ...

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Detroit Summer celebrates 20th anniversary, hosts July DFY gathering

DETROIT — Detroit Summer celebrated their 20th anniversary with a special block party on July 14 at the Catholic Cultural Diversity Network Convocation (CCDNC) by hosting the July gathering of Detroit Future Youth (DFY). “Detroit Summer just turned 20 years old and we just wanted to celebrate with all our friends and family,” said Dakarai Carter, one of Detroit Summer youth organizers. “We also want to let ...

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