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President Obama sees 2014 as ‘breakthrough year for America’

Announcing that more than a million Americans have now registered for a plan through the Affordable Health Care Act, President Obama, in a last minute press conference before leaving for vacation in Hawaii, said he envisions 2014 as a “breakthrough year for America.” “I think 2014 needs to be a year of action,” Obama said. “I firmly believe that 2014 can be a breakthrough year for America.” ...

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President Obama grants clemency to 21

Twenty-one people experienced a special Christmas as President Obama granted them clemency. Eight received shortened sentences, most due for release in the spring. Thirteen others received outright pardons. Most were convicted of non-violent drug offenses like possession or distribution of crack cocaine. The pardons and commutations received applause from the civil rights community, which has long fought ag ...

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Youth violence higher in communities with few Black men

In neighborhoods where men are missing in action, youth violence is more likely, a recent University of Michigan study has concluded. A research team from the university’s School of Public Health zeroed in on Flint, Mich., a former auto industrial town, with a large Black population, now one of America’s most economically challenged and violent cities. They cross-referenced police data on youth assault arre ...

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WCCCD students can use WSU credits for associate degree

A new agreement between Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) and Wayne State University will allow students to combine credits earned at WCCCD with those earned at WSU toward the rewarding of an associate’s degree. The agreement expands upon the WayneDirect program, which offers dual-enrollment for WCCCD students at the university. ...

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On Jan. 1, at approximately 12:10 a.m. in the 1160 block of Robson, the 53-year-old male complainant walked outside of the above location and confronted the suspect, telling him not to stand in front of his neighbor’s house. The armed suspect then fired one gunshot striking the complainant in the stomach and then fled on foot in an unknown direction. WANTED: Suspect 1: Black male, 50’s, 130lbs, light comple ...

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Reparations committee meets lawyers

Indicating they are serious about being paid by European countries for the horrors of the slave trade, a committee appointed by Caribbean governments to take legal action against former slave trading nations met with its international legal team in Jamaica, as this story went to press the week of Dec. 16, to advance the plan to make Europe pay for the enslavement of Black people. ...

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