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Moral authority

Detroit begins the new year with a new mayor and city council. For the first time in a century, this council is made up of people who represent seven districts in the city, along with two at-large members. This is the result of extensive citywide discussions establishing political process to reflect the needs of neighborhoods, rather than only the downtown core. ...

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Basketball classic attracts big crowds despite weather

Heavy snowfall and unplowed streets didn’t keep Detroit hoops fans from enjoying the Horatio Williams Tip-Off Classic at Detroit Edison Public School Academy on Dec. 14. The one-day tournament was sponsored by the Horatio Williams Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps support and mentors Detroit’s youth through scholastic, community and athletic endeavors. Horatio Williams, the organization’s fou ...

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Transforming Detroit involves everyone

Another year has passed and my city continues to suffer. Several notable successes, however, buoy my spirit and give me hope for the future. ! The Urban Agriculture Ordinance was passed, the Detroit Future City Strategic Framework was released, and the Detroit Environmental Agenda was completed. These accomplishments show we are on the right track. ...

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Screenings of ‘American Revolutionary’

In 2013, “American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs,” the documentary directed by Grace Lee (the Grace Lee Project) was shown at many film festivals. Along the way it won the Audience Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival; the Best Documentary and Audience Award at the Woodstock Film Festival; the Best Feature Film at the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival; the Audience Award at the San Diego ...

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Detroit artists share lessons learned from 2013

“My biggest takeaway (of 2013) is to see challenges as opportunities,” Insite the Riot, a Detroit hip hop emcee, activist and motivator told the Michigan Citizen. “Like for real, I had a lot of roadblocks this year and within the year my perspective is kind of skewed, but I was able to recognize those challenges as opportunities for me to try new things and learn some things about myself.” ...

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Black Bottom history lesson

French farmers were the first to name a part of Detroit “black bottom” because of the rich black soil there. In the early 20th century, the influx of thousands of “Blacks” into what had essentially been occupied before 1910 by immigrants from Europe, caused a host of social problems: the most prominent being the creation of this area — first a ghetto, then a slum. ...

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The Tax Man cometh

When the tax man cometh, Black dollars “goeth.” Where will they goeth? Down a myriad of paths in pursuit of new items such as furniture, cars, clothing and other niceties. But first, unless you do your own tax return or get it done for free by someone, Black dollars goeth to tax preparation firms, the vast majority of which are not owned by Black people. I can hear the two excuses right now: “I don’t know w ...

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