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New children’s book makes Detroit history exciting

Most of the stories that take place on Detroit’s famed Belle Isle will linger like fireflies on the front porch, shine in the moment and fade with laughter. But local author and WCCCD Chancellor Dr. Curtis Ivery is making sure some of the island’s summer magic is available to the children worldwide in the pages of a new chapter book for children ages 8-11 that he co-wrote with his daughter Angela. ...

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Theater troupe shatters fourth wall, dimension

Sometimes it can be reassuring to remember the spirit of Detroit has been summoning more than Quicken loans employees and bankruptcy lawyers lately. In October 2012, theater artists Sherrine Azab and Jake Hooker forsook the Big Apple for the Motor City. “We wanted to be part of a city that has more ‘we’ mentality than ‘me’ mentality,” Azab and Hooker told the Michigan Citizen. “This place truly has affected ...

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Ethnic and Minority Newspapers Explore Detroit Bankruptcy, Recovery

Five ethnic and minority publications that are deeply tied to Detroit are joining forces for the first time to explore the city’s financial crisis in a series that will run over the next several months. The Michigan Citizen, The Jewish News, The Michigan Korean Weekly, The Arab American News and Latino Press aim to delve beyond mainstream media reports to highlight the economic effects on their respective c ...

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Legislation paves way for more pipelines

On April 1, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley signed four bills into law, which allow and incentivize natural gas and oil companies to build more pipelines, ostensibly to capture carbon dioxide emissions from existing and natural gas wells. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the leading cause of global climate change, occur naturally during the process of extracting fossil fuels. The four laws provide for tax incentives t ...

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Pollution and climate change threaten Michiganders, Africans alike

The global issue of environmental justice was at the forefront of a recent community discussion in Detroit in late March, highlighted by the participation of two African activists working for climate justice. The talk, titled “One Struggle, Many Fronts,” was held at the Cass Corridor Commons and was sponsored by the East Michigan Environmental Action Council and the U.S.-Africa Network. Emem Okon (Nigeria) ...

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Windom is Highland Park recall target

Highland Park Mayor DeAndre Windom’s effort to stave off his recall has failed. Residents leading the recall plan to file 1,000 signatures on April 7 calling for his recall. “The mayor did, in fact, single handedly shut down the water plant and did, in fact, contract another municipality for municipal water without first securing approval from the city council,” is the wording of the recall petition. So far ...

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Matters of perspective

We have now had one year of emergency management. Little has been achieved by Kevyn Orr. But the contours of the kind of city Mr. Orr, Gov. (Rick) Snyder and the corporate elite envision are emerging. They are advocating choices that will make Detroit a whiter, wealthier city, where a few people will live comfortably in a small downtown. Most of us will live in neighborhoods abandoned by services, except fo ...

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Selling our city for a paycheck

There’s one group in Detroit city government that has been exempt from all the austerity measures leveled at others. This group has kept its salary intact; the auto is still free; the health insurance paid for; those two months a year of vacation waiting to be taken; the pension protected. Yes, their pension is protected. In fact, name any cut that has hit any other sector of city government and one group r ...

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No debate: Detroit Future City is the People’s Plan

As community members and organizers who were heavily involved in the extensive planning and engagement activities that led to the Detroit Future City (DFC) Strategic Framework, we have a responsibility to our constituents to be stewards of the Strategic Framework, which has been widely adopted as the starting point for the transformation of Detroit. Accordingly, we feel it’s necessary to correct Professor P ...

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President Obama leaves out Black businesses

It is almost a given that African Americans are going to be proud of the first Black president of the United States. In the elections of 2008 and 2012, African Americans voted for Barack Obama at rates well above 90 percent. Additionally, African American voter-turnout was higher than that of the general population in either election, per the University of Michigan’s Social Science Data Analysis Network and ...

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