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Cass Tech third at Lathrup tournament

After a slow start, the Cass Tech girls’ softball team mustered a well-earned victory in the consolation round to finish third at the Southfield-Lathrup Softball Tournament at Lathrup High School over the Easter Break. The Lady Technicians (6-3) lost to Richmond in the first game in four innings 16-0, but came back to rout tournament host Southfield-Lathrup in three innings, 21-3. ...

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McCormick seeks to disqualify two for residency

Monique Baker McCormick is challenging the right of Burton M. Leland and Ramon J. Patrick to compete against her for the seat of District 6 Wayne County Commissioner for northwest Detroit. McCormick is requesting Wayne County Clerk Cathy M. Garrett disqualify the two candidates for not living in the district they want to represent. ...

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CLIPPED! Sterling is not an aberration

An audio recording that captures Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald T. Sterling telling a girlfriend that he doesn’t want African Americans at “my games” ignited a furor. But it’s part and parcel of an increasingly rotten and ugly saga that has become all too familiar in recent days. In quick succession, GOP rocker and pitchman Ted Nugent maligned President Obama as a “subhuman mongrel,” GOP House representa ...

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With mouths taped shut

When the Flint Branch of the ACLU held a panel discussion on emergency management last week, one of participants, activist Claire McClinton, pointed out the event was being held at a site where autoworkers staged a landmark sit-down strike in the 1930s. That action — with workers asserting their rights and making sure their voices were heard — proved to be a pivotal moment in the history of organized labor. ...

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Progressive actions

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr has offered almost no structural change in his proposals to move the city toward good financial health. He has slashed city workers, privatized services, and colluded in the sale of public assets for private gains. But he has done little to actually enhance revenue into the city. Other than increasing parking tickets, he has not used his powers to reassess revenue streams ...

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Detroit Raw

An unemployed guy gives police a report he had $1,500 on him and says he was robbed at a strip club by (gulp) strippers. Problem is the guy is Joe Utash, the son of the driver of the pickup truck that hit a kid on Detroit’s east side. Joe’s father consequently suffered a near-fatal viral beat down. According to a Fox 2 report, Joe was blowing off a little steam after a fundraiser for his father. The streets ...

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Infant death in Detroit

“We have babies dying before they are one-year-old who don’t have to die,” says Leseliey Welch of Detroit’s Institute for Population Health. This year, the IPH was awarded a three-year $375,000 grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to strengthen and grow the public health infrastructure for mothers and babies in Detroit. ...

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Belle Isle

Detroit City Council correctly blasted the state in its management of Belle Isle. City Clerk Janice Winfrey, who stated she did not expect preferential treatment because she is an elected official, testified she was concerned about the sarcastic disposition of the state police trooper who said he wanted to keep “riff-raff“ off the island. The mainstream press laughed off Council President Brenda Jones claim ...

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National Association of Meaningless Awards

From Detroit to Los Angeles, Leon Jenkins has been selling out the whole way. Jenkins left Detroit disgraced. He was disbarred, removed from his seat at 36th District Court, and effectively run out of town. He was caught taking bribes and fixing tickets and was under FBI surveillance. So he leaves Detroit and goes to Los Angeles for what could have been a fresh start. What better place to go, following thou ...

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