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‘Michigan law carries badge and stigma of slavery’

Attorneys argued April 29 before U.S District Court Judge George Caram Steeh that Michigan’s Emergency Manager law is unconstitutional. It violates citizens’ — especially Black citizens’ — protected rights of free speech, right to vote, equal protection, due process and right to representative government. And it violates the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution Attorney Herb Sanders told Judge Steeh the ...

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Right-wing U.S. House budget bill hurts Michigan families

Who would turn their back on a battered woman? Who would steal food from a hungry child? Who would attack Medicare and the Affordable Care Act? Apparently, U.S. House Republicans have. A congressional budget is a statement of our priorities and values. It’s a contract with the American people. It contains public investment and spending. ...

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Two Detroits? Gentrification. talk gets real

The heated conversation about gentrification in Detroit came to the Jam Handy building April 26. Hosted by The Michigan Citizen, a panel discussed the challenges, opportunities and consequences of new development in Detroit. Topics included the displacement of longtime residents, the racial divide in the city, and access to business opportunities for both new and established residents. ...

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Black children deserve better

Forerunners like Carter G. Woodson, Mary McLeod Bethune and George Washington Carver must be walking out of their grave sites because of the dismal state of Black children across the country. In their time, they faced enormous obstacles and had far less financial support. Today, even with billions of dollars being poured into education, African American children still find themselves in inadequate and poorl ...

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Coco: Comedienne serious about empowering sisters

CoCo, quick-witted comedienne and radio personality, is partnering with Sow A Seed, Young Concerned Detroiters and the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries for a May 10 “Salute to Sisterhood.” The event is “a collective effort to educate, empower and pamper 30 women and children who currently reside at the Genesis House II,” organizers say. Genesis House II provides housing for mothers and their children, and ...

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‘Las Rebeldes’ make art of Detroit Chicana life-stories

Proverbial wisdom holds art imitates life, and life imitates art. In the new exhibit “Las Rebeldes (The Rebels),” various students, scholars, artists and activists have collaborated to make art directly from the oral histories and personal ephemera of four women who shaped the Chicana movement in Michigan. Guided by exhibit curator and University of Michigan professor Dr. Maria Cotera, U-M students intervie ...

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Mabel Robinson Williams, fighter for human rights

On June 1, 1931 in Monroe, N.C., Mabel Ola Robinson was born, the second daughter to her proud parents Emma Perry Robinson and King David Robinson. Her older sister Elizabeth R. Redfern proceeded her in death. As a child, Mabel grew up active with her family in the Elizabeth Baptist Church where she accepted Jesus Christ and was baptized. It was at this church she had her first encounters with the Williams ...

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Principal pleads with kidnappers to release abducted girl students

While divers conducted their final searches in Korea for the high school students drowned in a misguided ferry excursion, in Nigeria, Principal Asabe Kwambula pleaded with kidnappers of over 100 high school girls to “have mercy on the students.” “I am pleading with the government to secure the release of the children, to save the lives of these innocents,” she said. “I am with the parents, praying continuou ...

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‘Lion of Zimbabwe’ recalls ‘Chimurenga’ on Independence Day

As Zimbabwe marks its 34th year of independence from colonialism, singer Thomas Mapfumo sent a salute “to the brave heroes and heroines who joined the war of liberation.” In a radio interview, Mapfumo — the “Lion of Zimbabwe” — recalled the time of the Independence War. “When we were singing — it was about freedom, justice, hence I coined my music “Chimurenga.” ...

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