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Snow delays spring corn planting, asparagus harvest

Farmers may be off to a late start this year after snowfall and low temperatures put them behind schedule. There is good news and bad news associated with the snow. The heavy snow insulated the ground, protecting micro-organisms that are good for corn. But the high water remaining in fields could strain the industry, said corn grower Scott Lonier, owner of Lonier Farms near Lansing. “We are at the mercy of ...

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Land ownership: The next step toward a sovereign Detroit

Detroit is finally thawing out from a long, cold winter — the birds are chirping, the grass is (slowly) turning green, crocuses are fighting their way up through the ground. Across the city, gardeners and farmers are dusting off their tools and preparing for another bountiful growing season. For decades, Detroit’s urban gardeners have grown more than food; they have beautified vacant lots, deterred crime, b ...

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The audacity of voting

I love voting. Every time I go into the booth, I see little girl me — pigtails and all, plaid skirt, white blouse and green sweater, part of my Catholic school uniform. Most of my relatives were Democrats, though my grandmother voted Republican a time or two because “Lincoln freed the slaves.” In 1960, I had the privilege of pulling the lever to elect John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the candidate the nuns at Immac ...

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Black capitalism: Fulfillment or failure?

In light of what most of us know about the economy and where Black people fit, mostly as consumers rather than producers, a discussion of Black capitalism is in order. The term was promoted by Stokley Carmichael in 1966 as part of the “Black Power” movement, but came into vogue in 1968 when the Nixon administration adopted it from a proposal by Robert Kennedy. Black capitalism originally called for loan ass ...

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Popular editor in leg irons for offending judge in an editorial

The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists is protesting the “degrading” treatment of a newspaper editor whose editorial criticizing the Chief Justice of Swaziland angered the top judge. Editor Bheti Makhubu and human rights attorney Thulani Maseko were both called into court on contempt charges by Michael Ramodibedi, the justice spotlighted in separate pieces that appeared in the independent newsp ...

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Flame of Remembrance crisscrosses Rwanda on 20th anniversary of genocide

Ceremonies around Rwanda and abroad are underway to mark the 20th year since the devastating genocide, which, according to the Genocide Memorial Center in Rwanda, took over a million lives during a three-month killing spree. At a ceremony March 27 in the town of Kirehe, thousands of residents gathered in a field to hear genocide memories. Nsengiyomva Apollinaise, a local official, said the memorials help Rw ...

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Somalia: Diaspora not ready to buy one-way tickets home, yet

On a Friday afternoon men wearing kamis — long white traditional robes — climb the steps to Somcity Travel, a small family business and travel agency in Kisenyi slum, in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. The agency boasts that they “fly all over the world” but to one destination in particular — Somalia. “In a day, we may have up to five customers — four of them will usually be Somali,” says Mohamed Abdullahi, 25, ...

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Declaring class war on ‘the least of these’

The Bible’s injunction that we shall be judged by how we have treated the “least of these” (Mathew 25:40) appears in different forms in virtually every religion or faith. And surely the measure of a country is how it treats the most vulnerable of its people — children in the dawn of life, the poor in the valley of life, the ailing in the shadows of life, the elderly in the dusk of life. This week, the House ...

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Mumford joins PSL Mega Division

Mumford, a school rich in baseball tradition, is now back. The Mustangs, who finished with an 11-5 record last year in the Detroit PSL East-West Division, have moved up to the PSL’s Mega Division with the likes of Western International, King, Cass Tech, Renaissance and Communication Media Arts. Second-year head coach Brian Bronson is pleased to have the Mustangs back in the tougher division. The last time M ...

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