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Recall fight lands Pinkney under arrest

Reverend Edward Pinkney is a prisoner in his own home. At the request of Berrien County Prosecutor Mike Sepic, the Berrien County Court ordered Pinkney arrested April 25 on five felony counts of election fraud, set bail at $300,000, forbade him to leave his Benton Harbor home and put Pinkney on a mechanical tether to make sure he stays there. Pinkney said he is not even allowed to send messages on his compu ...

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‘Mayday’ Panel: Blacks in state of emergency but unaware

Black leaders assembled to discuss what has been declared a state of emergency in the African American community, concluded much of the Black community is unaware of the dire state of affairs around them. We are in a state of emergency, but the Black community senses no emergency,” said Baltimore pastor Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant. “Our danger is we have a generation who doesn’t know how to cry mayday, becaus ...

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Form and substance

Last week, the destructive direction for Detroit being pushed by the corporate elite was on full display. In the courtroom, boardroom and banquet hall, the image of a whiter, wealthier city, governed by fiat was celebrated. First, there was the astonishing courtroom performance of Mike Murphy, arguing for the state of Michigan, to dismiss the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Emergency Manage ...

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EAA, a chaotic experiment that needs to end

High teacher turnover, declining enrollment, lack of curriculum, too many Teach for America staff and too few certified teachers, harsh discipline practices, absence of books, broken or missing computers and a faulty premise on which to build a school system — that “failing” children working for most of the day on a computer will find inspiration, skills and a love of learning: That’s the EAA, the Education ...

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The first word in May Day is ‘International’

As we unite to celebrate International Workers’ Day, we rightfully focus on how capitalism has devastated our beloved city of Detroit and the other majority African American cities here in Michigan. In the words of Cindy Sheehan, we are at the cutting edge here in the U.S. of the global financial crisis. It is we the people who are catching hell no matter which way we look — from the ragged roads beneath ou ...

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Subsidies for gentrification

I was disappointed in the panel’s response, specifically Phil Cooley’s, to a question at the Two Detroits? Gentrification. forum: “How does subsidized housing effect gentrification? Not subsidized housing for poor folk to create mixed income neighborhoods, but subsidization for upscale corporate folks like Quicken Loans employees (add DTE, Blue Cross, Compuware, and so on) in the Cass Corridor and Corktown. ...

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Fired teacher is collateral damage

A fight inside a classroom May 1 at the Educational Achievement Authority’s Pershing High School led to the termination of a teacher and is the latest problem in Gov. Rick Snyder’s failing experimental district. Tiffani Eaton, 31, was fired, “effective immediately” when a mobile phone video surfaced showing the English teacher swatting a student with a broom to break up the fight. “After performing a thorou ...

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‘Twisted Storytellers’ keep reality entertainment real

Although less than two years old, the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers has already been lauded by the Detroit City Council and awarded a prestigious Knight Arts Award. SSTS, a live monthly storytelling event, is the brainchild of playwright, author, comedienne and musician Satori Shakoor. Shakoor, who also hosts the SSTS events, is masterful storyteller herself — National Public Radio’s the Moth Radio ...

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Reparations are imperative: The stagnant “State of Black America”

I recently attended the release of the National Urban League’s Annual State of Black America Report at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The report is an extremely important document because it provides key indicators of Black progress in a number of social and economic areas in relationship to white Americans. This year’s report, One Nation Underemployed: Jobs Rebuild America, focuses on the crit ...

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Detroit was important to Malcolm X’s past

A deeper look at the life of one of the 20th century’s most celebrated Black leaders will be available to metro Detroiters May 18. The Black Scroll Network History and Tours presents Beyond Detroit Red: The Detroit History of Malcolm X Bus Tour. The ride around the city will be a unique opportunity for participants to relate their own history in Detroit with the life of a man who broke ground for liberation ...

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