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Fast food facts

As far back as ancient Greece and Rome, inns and taverns generally served food to people who were traveling. Restaurants have been around for quite a while in some form or another, catering to people to dine when away from home. With the invention of cars, drive-ins became popular. By the time the car-hops brought their meals to them, it was usually cold and it took a long time. The McDonald brothers respon ...

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Homeless mom who left kids in car during interview faces 8 years

35-year-old Arizona mother, Shanesha Taylor went to a job interview, left her two young children in the car and was arrested and charged with felony child abuse. Taylor now faces eight years in prison, of which she’s plead not guilty, because of her attempt to escape poverty. It’s being reported that Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery will not drop felony child abuse charges against Shanesha, claiming ...

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States’ refusal to expand Medicaid: Deadly attack on the poor

We pledge allegiance to “One nation, under God.” When terrorists attack us, we unite as one to defend our nation and our countrymen and women. Yet, we allow the doctrine of the Confederacy — states’ rights — to divide us, even to the point of costing Americans their lives. Charlene Dill, a resident of Florida, was a 32-year-old mother of three. ...

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Arab Americans increase their business presence in Detroit

Population loss, blight and increased crime rates make it difficult to keep businesses here thriving. Small Arab and Chaldean-owned businesses have managed to stay open over the decades despite these challenges. Arab Americans define themselves as having roots in one of the 22 Arabic-speaking countries, including, among others, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Egypt, and the Gulf countries. Chaldean America ...

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‘Just us’ justice slams doors of opportunity, reinforces white privilege

The Roberts Supreme Court decided, last week, the state of Michigan had the right to vote against affirmative action policies in college admissions. The University of Michigan is one of many where mediocre white students challenge the fact that African American students, far more qualified than they are, have been admitted to college. This has happened in Texas and California, among other states. These chal ...

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Black life and death not a public concern

In spite of all the dazzling media tools bringing about instant global communication, Black life is still often devalued, marginalized and grossly under the radar of public concern. Two startling recent examples of this repugnant negligence happened in Chicago and in Nigeria. Major news organizations are giving virtually blanket coverage to the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 lost somewhere over the Indian Oc ...

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Supreme Court creates affirmative inaction

A Supreme Court decision, April 22, upholding states’ right to ban the use of race-sensitive policies in university admissions wielded a serious blow to affirmative action, experts said, and shifts the battleground to the states. “Many voices in the civil rights community will call this decision a major disappointment because it weakens the options for insuring diversity in our public institutions,” said Jo ...

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We are Warriors!

Walking into this prestigious ceremony, we all followed the 51-inch Wayne State University Mace, held by Wayne State’s Sergeant-at-Arms. Over the years, this specific mace has lost its original functional use, but blessed we are, class of 2014, because it has not lost its touch. Just like the millions of WSU alum who came before us, we too are blessed with the opportunity to call ourselves Wayne State Unive ...

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Ride with muralist Hubert Massey!

Working in largest scale — in fresco and mosaic like Michelangelo — Hubert Massey projected his polychrome vision of Detroit and its people onto locations across the city and region. In 2011, Massey was awarded a prestigious Kresge Fine Arts Fellowship and more recently a honorary doctorate of Fine Arts from Grand Valley State University. On May 31, Massey himself will guide a bus tour through the city show ...

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The Gambia intensifies preparedness against Ebola

Ever since the deadly Ebola virus broke out in neighboring Guinea, the Gambian government through its Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and partners have been firm on their toes, and have been devising various strategies to prevent it from hitting the country. As part of these strategies, the Ministry in collaboration with the U.N. system, through the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Dis ...

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