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$40 million dollar slaves

During the holidays, sports — particularly football — have a way of taking center stage. The traditional Lions game is on Thanksgiving Day. Currently, Michigan State football fans are excited about a trip to the Big Ten Championship. College basketball has begun. With sports in the air it makes sense to talk about the exploitation of Black athletes. ...

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Detroit has been plunged into a state of emergency. We exist under a siege of financial dispossession, massive unemployment, elimination of basic welfare supports, and suspension of democratic rights — all fostered by the bankers, the multinational corporations, the far right and the U.S. ruling class. We say to social justice advocates and others worldwide Detroit’s state of emergency calls for vigorous re ...

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Solutions, not excuses needed to rectify failed Wayne County Jail project

Let’s take review the history of the Wayne County Jail. In 2005, the Wayne County executive created the Wayne County Regional Justice Complex Commission to study the feasibility of consolidating all local law enforcement and court activities into a single criminal justice campus. In October of 2005, the Commission on the Wayne County Regional Justice Complex issued its final report which identified signific ...

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Prepare for the Season with a Flu Shot

Sniffling, sneezing, sore throats — yes, cooler temperatures surely mean cold season is upon us. But is the common cold all we have to worry about? Fall is also the onset of flu season. In Michigan last year, the incidence of flu illness started much earlier than in previous years and with a greater impact. Unlike the cold, the flu comes suddenly and can lead to severe illness or death. Thankfully, unlike t ...

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‘Black Nativity’ in theaters

Jacob Latimore, Angela Bassett, Oscar-winners Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker (above) star in producer and preacher T.D. Jakes’ modern-interpretation of Langston Hughes classic “Black Nativity” due on big screen this holiday season. Heavy on symbolism, the story is woven with gospel music, and is a meditation on faith, healing and family. ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Where is that Dem running for governor? The Michigan Democratic Party is on life support while the democracy-destroying-union-buster Governor Nerd, rebrands as a good guy showing up as a do-gooder at Focus: HOPE to distribute food while Nerd’s legislative bully friends in Lansing are whacking Detroit and single female headed households every time they get a chance. ...

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Bankruptcy judge to rule

Michigan AFSCME Council 25 President Al Garrett is asking “concerned citizens” and “warriors” to go to the Federal Court Building, Dec. 3. Judge Steven Rhodes is expected to announce his decision on the city of Detroit’s bankruptcy eligibility. Labor unions have argued Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr did not negotiate with the unions in good faith. At issue is the survival of pensions and upholding the state co ...

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Corrosive management

The process of emergency management reinforces values that destabilize Detroit. Having had more than a decade of EMs in our schools and the high profile installation of Kevyn Orr as an overseer of the city, the contradiction between civic values necessary to foster community life and the values that guide emergency management is becoming deeper every day. ...

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