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Wages, not welfare

For the past year, an organization called OUR Walmart, has protested, raised questions and asked their employer — one of the nation’s largest employers — to treat them fairly. They have asked for better wages, more full-time (as opposed to part-time) hours, and for the opportunity to earn benefits. Walmart has responded with well-timed publicity moves. They will allow same-sex couples health insurance and o ...

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War on Black women

My good friend Dick Gregory says when America suffers an “economic cold,” Black folks suffer economic pneumonia. So it is in every major facet of life here in our country. We’ve heard a great deal about the War on Women. This conflict features government intrusion in the affairs of women and their doctors, such as legislated invasive medical procedures, pay-inequality and other inequalities that tilt the sc ...

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President honors ‘true champions’ with Medal of Freedom

During what he called one of his “favorite events every year,” President Obama presented 16 outstanding individuals, including four African Americans, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. President John F. Kennedy created the Presidential Medal of Freedom 50 years ago to honor exceptional people for their courage and contributions to society during their careers. ...

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‘Discover the wonders’ of the Detroit Public Library

The Detroit Public Library doesn’t simply house a wealth of knowledge; it is a treasure trove of art, architecture and history. The Main Library on Woowdward was built in 1921 and designed by renowned architect Cass Gilbert; it houses an array of murals, a mosaic comprised of 416,000 pieces of colored glass, a Pewabic fireplace and the oldest working elevator in the city of Detroit. Additionally, the Detroi ...

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Racist Dutch tradition comes under fire

When Santa Claus comes to town in Amsterdam, it’s not a cluster of elves leaping around the robust figure in red waving at cheering children and adults. The dancing figures are “Black Petes” — white Netherlanders in blackface wearing Afro wigs. Servants of St. Nick, they are variously Black Pete playing music or singing; Black Pete on horseback; Black Pete on stilts and Black Pete climbing up the façade of ...

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Mozambique facing another civil war?

The news out of the southeast African nation of Mozambique has been disturbing. After a 21-year period of peace, Renamo — the notorious Mozambican National Resistance — has announced it is breaking its pact with the ruling Frelimo (Mozambican Liberation Front, the movement that led the struggle for independence from Portugal). Skirmishes have commenced with the government and government forces have moved in ...

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