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Orr wants Manhattan Institute fellow to evaluate his plan

Of all the people in America who might be considered a candidate to evaluate the effectiveness of Detroit’s so-called “plan of adjustment,” Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and a team of lawyers from his former law firm, Jones Day, suggested Harvard economist Edward L Glaeser. Glaeser’s name popped up after U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes announced he is considering calling in an expert, or maybe several of ...

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Duggan spending on aides is fiscal ‘free-for-all’

Mayor Mike Duggan’s administration has an unsustainable, top-heavy operation, according to sources. As Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr takes the city through bankruptcy, Duggan has doubled the administrative staff by adding 60 new appointees to Bing’s staff and by paying salaries in excess of the city’s official compensation schedule. Some Duggan aides are making upwards of $200,000 a year. ...

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Noir is standing outside in the cold and snow, waiting for the bus driver — who is taking his break alone inside the heated bus — to open the door. Young Noir is frustrated with inadequate city services, joblessness and the city’s overall economic system, as are many of other the riders who were waiting at the Rosa Parks bus terminal in Detroit on April 15. He has a litany of complaints about social issues, ...

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Sell off DWSD, save cuts to pensions

Negotiators for Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and the police and fire retirees reached an agreement April 15 that now needs a vote of two-thirds of the retirees before it can be presented to bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes. Under the terms of the deal, the pensions of the civilian retirees will be cut 4.5 percent with no cost of living increases, sources say. Police and fire retirees will take no cuts but rece ...

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On public relations

Judge Steven Rhodes scolded Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and everyone else last week. After approving the latest proposal from Orr to settle the swaps debt with Bank America, Merrill Lynch and UBS, the judge said, “This bankruptcy is not about who wins in the court of public opinion.” The judge was upset by what he labeled as the efforts to wage an “orchestrated public relations campaign.” He warned, “Negoti ...

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‘The Retrieval’ reminds us to find dignity in hard times

“The Retrieval” is the story of orphan Will (Ashton Sanders), 13, who survives in the employ of his shady uncle Marcus (Keston John) and the cruel white bounty-hunter Burrell (Bill Oberst, Jr.), earning the trust of escaped slaves and tricking them into areas where they can be caught and returned to their “masters.” ...

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Holistic Prescriptions hosts fifth Raw Vegan Meal Tasting

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” is the famous quote a Detroit woman has taken to heart with her business, Holistic Prescriptions. By emphasizing the importance of a healthy diet in disease prevention and recovery, the goal of Kalia Keith, a mother, health coach and the founder of Holistic Prescriptions, is to help influence the community’s understanding of nutrition by bringing healthy, ...

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Grassroots Global Justice Alliance 2014

Over a hundred global activists, seeking justice for land, food and the environment, participated in the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance 2014 General Assembly in Detroit, April 10-12. Cass Corridor Commons and the East Michigan Environmental Action Council hosted the event. The General Assembly was a forum for national and international dialogues for grassroots organizers, including seminars and cultural ...

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Detroiters get to tell their own stories of the city

Anyone with access to a video camera or smart phone will have the opportunity to direct and shoot their own Detroit story on April 26. The creators of the documentary “One Day on Earth,” which filmed every country in the world during one 24-hour period have selected Detroit as one of 11 cities to feature in their latest project titled, “Your Day. Your City. Your Future.” ...

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BMe honors Black men who help their communities

Clement “Fame” Brown, a Detroit entrepreneur who has been designing and selling clothes since he was 12, uses his experience to help others become creative professionals. Philadelphia college student, youth advocate and social entrepreneur Rashaun Williams educates high school students on environmental sustainability. Computer scientist Emmanuel Cephas of Baltimore has developed software to teach youth math ...

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