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Rural clinics face closures as a private hospital drains funds

The health budget of one of Africa’s poorest and least healthy countries could be bankrupted by a privately-run hospital envisioned by the World Bank’s private sector arm as the future of African health care. According to a newly-released report by the development watchdog Oxfam, the operation and loan costs of the three-year-old hospital complex in the capital Maseru have exploded to $67 million a year — o ...

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Where do we stand?

Chaka Khan sang, “Tell me somethin’ good.” The 2014 National Urban League (NUL) report, “State of Black America, One Nation Underemployed; Jobs Rebuild America,” contains a lot of great information, but it will only prove to be “good” if we use it to build a solid and long lasting economic base. The 236-page report is full of statistics and insights Black people need to know — and act upon. Knowledge is onl ...

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National ‘STEM’ expert: 21st century doctors must also know the arts

When Dr. Freeman Hrabowski III was only 15 years old, he was in college. He graduated at the age of 19 with high honors in mathematics from what was then Hampton Institute. He went on to receive a master’s in mathematics and then a doctorate degree in higher education, administration and statistics at the age of 24. ...

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A lawless Detroit and Michigan

Detroit is not safe. And we don’t say that to mean criminals are at every turn of the corner waiting to prey on their next victim. While that may be the case in some instances, the real harm is done by those who are in positions that are supposed to provide a secure and decent quality of life for residents — those that are entrusted with the public good do just the opposite. ...

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FBI probes Jenkins’ run for council president

Federal law enforcement officials are investigating the vote for Detroit City Council president. In January, Councilwoman Brenda Jones won the contested race for council leadership over the previous president, Saunteel Jenkins, in a 5-4 vote. Mainstream media reports give the impression Brenda Jones is the subject of the controversy. However, the Michigan Citizen has learned the alleged effort was to suppor ...

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Schauer calls for federal probe of Snyder’s office

Mark Schauer, the Democratic candidate for governor, wants the U.S. Attorney to investigate Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration. During an interview with this paper March 27, Schauer said he thought it was appropriate for federal investigators to “look at what kind of favors were being done, if any.” ...

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Water shut-offs threaten third-world conditions

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department officials recently announced water accounts over 60 days past due or owing $150 or more would be turned off. The shut-off program, which affects businesses and residences, is expected to have a far-reaching impact – almost half of the city’s accounts are currently delinquent, according to reports. Lack of access to clean running water for bathing, cooking, cleaning clot ...

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Water rights

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s plan to turn the water department into a regional asset has been smashed by the absolute refusal of Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Mark Hackel of Macomb County. In a politically motivated move to pander to racist views of the city, both men acted on what the Detroit Free Press called “old line biases and divisions.” In response, Orr is calling for bids from pr ...

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MC Lyte to DJ Barristers’ Ball

MC Lyte changed history when she became the first woman to release a full-length mainstream solo hip hop album, “Lyte as a Rock,” in 1988. Now she’s taking the same spirit that inspired a generation of women emcees to entertain another group of crusaders, the Wolverine Bar Association. ...

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