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WCCCD Northwest Campus: A diamond in the rough

Mary Grayson has worked as graphic designer and publication specialist for Wayne County Community College District for almost seven years. Throughout these years, Grayson has designed hundreds of flyers, brochures, academic schedules and other publications for WCCCD with the bulk of her assignments coming from the college’s five campuses, including the Mary Ellen Stempfle University Center in Harper Woods. ...

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Poetic Menace continues to revive hip hop culture

Poetic Menace struggled as a Detroit recording artist for over 20 years. The independent MC has gone from the highs of being on stage in front of a packed room and holding his own vinyl record in his hands, to the lows of self-doubt and a music industry rigged against him. But his self-proclaimed marriage to hip hop would not allow him to break free without trying harder to grow with the culture. Today, Poe ...

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NAACP promises to ‘educate, mobilize and agitate’ for voter participation

With a “pivotal election” coming up Nov. 4, the NAACP will kick off its 105th Annual Convention this week focusing primarily on maximum Black voter turnout for the mid-term elections. “All In for Justice and Equality” is the theme of the convention — to be held in Las Vegas. Voter suppression, criminal justice reform, voting rights, economic opportunity and educational equality are among the topics on the a ...

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Zambian president goes AWOL, leaves nation leaderless

Three weeks ago, Zambian President Michael Sata was airlifted on a plane to Israel. Some reports had him in a coma, and said he was receiving treatment for kidney disease at the Sheba Medical Center there. The flurry of rumors began to build, neither confirmed nor denied by Sata’s ruling party. “One minute we are hearing he has arrived home to Lusaka but is very unwell, the next minute we are ‘reliably info ...

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Tarot and Tea divines brighter present for Detroiters

Nefertiti comes from a long line of spiritually precocious people. Her grandfather was a spiritualist. His son, a jazz musician, also had the gift. “He used to touch people’s hands and tell them about themselves,” Nefertiti says of her father. “(But) he was frustrated because he had to work a factory job. No one would take him seriously about his spiritual gift. It got to a point where adults would ask him ...

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Award-winning author brings perspective on Haitian crisis to Detroit

On January 12, 2010, the deadliest earthquake in the history of the Western Hemisphere struck the nation least prepared to handle it. Jonathan M. Katz, the only full-time American news correspondent in Haiti, was inside his house when it buckled along with hundreds of thousands of others. Katz chronicles the terror of that day, the devastation visited on ordinary Haitians, and how the world reacted to a nat ...

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Strike at General Motors South Africa gains international support

General Motors South Africa has shut down its plant in Port Elizabeth where some 200,000 members of the National Union of Metalworkers South Africa are demanding a 12 percent pay raise. Support for the union walkout has poured in from the U.K., the Czech Republic, Brazil, Namibia, Swaziland, and the machinist workers union in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, in the U.S. In a letter to the NUMSA General Secretary I ...

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The State of Black Euphoria

How amazing it is that Black people in this nation, collectively, are the worst off yet the most comical, entertaining, ostentatious and self-defeating of all other groups. It is striking how, in spite of all the negative aspects of our lives, we spend a great deal of our time living vicariously through the lives of superstars and mega-heroes. They say, “ignorance is bliss,” so maybe we should use that phra ...

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Free event offers ‘Economic Empowerment’ 

Business, entertainment, education and ministry leaders are expected to attend the 2014 Detroit Economic Empowerment Summit, July 18-19 in Detroit. More than 3,500 are expected to attend, say event organizers. The summit will be hosted by entrepreneur and global ministry leader Dr. Bill Winston. The conference theme is “Empowered by the Blessing” and will be held at Straight Gate International Church (10100 ...

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To market, to market

Summer sizzles with farmer-friendly fresh food and fun. This is the time of year when people don’t think me crazy when I say, “eat like a rainbow.” You have heard it before: Fruits and vegetables are not only good for you, they are your ticket to a lifetime of disease-free health. They are not just for preventing disease; they provide essential nutrients and minerals that research has shown will ease chroni ...

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