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Questions for Driver Responsibility Survey

The students of the Wayne County Community College District are doing a participatory action research project regarding the Driver Responsibility Act. Research includes, but is not limited to the amount of money in the fund, which zip codes are most involved, what effect it has had on drivers and their lives. WCCCD is inviting all citizens to answer the questions written below and return their answers by ma ...

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Curtain comes down on deadly war in eastern Congo

Thousands of women dressed in white marched down the central boulevard in Kinshasa this week, singing the praises of President Joseph Kabila and the army, according to media on the scene. The celebrations marked the end of a brutal 20-month revolt in Africa’s mineral-rich eastern Congo. The M23 rebel army reportedly scattered after the Congolese army captured its last hilltop stronghold. ...

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Zakes Mda pleads for release of Eskinder Nega

South African author Zakes Mda is urging Africans to step up and protest the lengthy sentence meted out to Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega for his pro-democracy writings that offended the government. Mda, a novelist, poet and playwright, is the son of A.P. Mda, a “guiding light” in the founding of the Pan African Congress. Nega, who turns 45 this month, sits in Kaliti prison, outside of Addis Ababa, wher ...

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African book club to present awards for ‘kid lit’

The National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C., held the Children’s Africana Awards and Book Festival on Nov. 9. The annual event was sponsored by Africa Access, a nonprofit organization founded in 1989. Africa Access, according to their Web site, ¡°was founded to help schools, public libraries, and parents improve the quality of their children’s collection on Africa.¡± An online database, produced ...

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Steel company spreads the pain from Zimbabwe to Minnesota

From Minnesota to Zimbabwe, workers across two continents are challenging an industrial conglomerate that has wrecked havoc with a trail of failed mining operations around the world. In the United States, the Essar Group Ltd, has a mixed legacy, with bankruptcy in West Virginia, a cash crisis threatening pension payments in Minnesota and in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, outstanding debts of $530 million and fl ...

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McBride investigation drags on

Eleven days after she was killed on the front porch of a Dearborn Heights house, Renisha McBride’s killer remains at large with no arrest warrants issued and the police and corporate media silent about details of the shooting and shooter. Dearborn Heights police did announce Nov. 13 that additional evidence has been sent to Wayne County Prosecutor. ...

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Retirees under attack

When 68-year-old retiree Donald Smith called his health insurer about the city-mandated new health plan to begin February of next year, he says no one could answer his questions. “Nobody could tell me anything,” Smith told the Michigan Citizen. He says he recently received a letter in the mail informing retirees Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr had postponed the implementation of the new health plan that was ori ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

We must not allow those who support “stand your ground” to put Renisha McBride on trial. Justice for Renisha simply means Renisha’s killer must be made to account for his inhumane actions. Trayvon Martin was put on trial in a manner that ultimately freed his killer. We know who the killer of Renisha McBride is. He is a clone of George Zimmerman. Michigan must not become Florida. We must raise all the hell w ...

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On love and fear

The news that mattered most this week was not about bankruptcy, emergency management, secret meetings by foundations, city council land deals, or the new mayor-elect. It was the news of death. Newborns, toddlers, teens and adults were killed violently. Some were known, some unknown, one too soon in life to have a name. All were preventable. ...

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Cass Tech, U-D Jesuit, East English Village win big

After winning the PSL crown last week, Cass Tech started their defense of the MHSAA State Division 1 title on the right foot, shutting out Grosse Pointe South 35-0 on Nov. 2 at their home field. The Technicians (10-0), who have won the last two Division 1 state football championships, are aiming to win their third in a row. “We’re trying to make this year a three-peat,” said Cass Tech junior quarterback Jay ...

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