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King vs. Cass Tech, again

Last year, both King and Cass Tech were unbeaten heading into the PSL Championship at the University of Detroit Mercy’s Calihan Hall. The Crusaders prevailed over the Technicians with a seven-point, 45-38 victory. The same two teams will meet again this year. Both teams were victorious Feb. 13 in semi-final action at Western International. The Technicians (14-3) routed Cody 55-29 in the first semi-final whi ...

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Southeastern to face Pershing in final

Defending PSL Champion Pershing will make its third trip to the Detroit PSL Finals in three years. The Doughboys (17-2) out-hustled the Frederick Douglass Academy 82-68. “We played one of our better games,” said Pershing Head Coach Wydell Henry. “We played inside and out around the basket. We were able to penetrate the inside under the basket.” ...

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Solutionary educators meet in Detroit

Nearly a hundred educators participated in the North Dakota Study Group (NDSG) gathering in Detroit over the President’s weekend from Feb. 14-17. They included new teachers, veteran teachers, university professors, community activists, undergraduates, deans, foundations program officers and principals. The gathering was housed, held meetings and shared meals at the Riverwalk Hotel on East Jefferson. ...

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Live the good life

Cleopatra was considering retiring from her job of many years. She had worked her way up to a management position, and had saved enough for a comfortable retirement. Exercise was never her “thing,” and she joked that her exercise was blinking her eyes in rapid succession a few times every morning before climbing out of bed. ...

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GM, Samaritan’s Feet pamper Detroit youth

Emmanuel “Manny” Ohonme, native of Lagos, Nigeria, has dedicated his life to help children in need of inspiration — and shoes. Ohonme is the founder and CEO of Samaritan’s Feet, an organization providing children around the globe with shoes.In 2013, Ohonme and his team distributed over 1.1 million shoes to children worldwide. ...

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Remembering Malcolm 50 years later

Feb. 21 marked the 49th anniversary of the assassination of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, Omawale, “our Black shining prince,” Malcolm X. This year is also 50 years since Malcolm delivered “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech. Brother Malcolm made numerous speeches, and it is hard to imagine one that was not inspirational, informational and powerful. But, “The Ballot or the Bullet” is a milestone speech because it ...

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Another Florida man gets away with murder

As we approach the second anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s murder in Sanford, Fla., justice again has been shortchanged in the Sunshine State. It was incredulous George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman and wannabe cop, was found not guilty of murder after killing the unarmed Black teenager who had visited a nearby convenience store to purchase candy and a can of iced tea. ...

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Clarence Thomas lacks institutional memory

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is at it again. Whenever he opens his mouth about race, he displays a surprising myopia for a 65-year-old African American man who was raised in the Deep South during a segregated era. During his confirmation hearing and around it, Mr. Thomas excoriated his own family, speaking of his sister as someone (and I paraphrase) waiting around for her welfare check. He was equa ...

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Detroit dinner goes wild!

Detroit is earning a reputation for great dining. Water cooler debates compare downtown’s Roast with Southwest Detroit’s El Barzon. Slow’s BBQ has gotten international attention. Some even say friendships and political alliances are made or lost depending on which coney island, American or Lafayette, one stumbles into after a long night. But none of those Detroit favorites offer stir-fried snapping turtle, ...

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