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Freida Bailey Greene

Freida Bailey Greene, age 95, died on Oct., 13, in Redford, Michigan. Her memorial service will be held at Westminster Church of Detroit, 17567 Hubbell Street at West Outer Drive, Detroit, Michigan 48235, on Oct. 26 at 11:00 a.m., preceded by a family hour at 10 a.m. Reverends Mary Austin and Jim Rizer will officiate. ...

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Cleaning up the neighborhood

Volunteers, working with United Neighbors Association, cleaned up dump sites in the city, Oct. 12. It was the third cleanup of the year, they said. Charlene Johnson is CEO of United Neighbors; Elaine McKenzie is president. Working on Brush Street dumps sites were Alma Harris, Loretta Stafford, Farrand Park, Denzel and Jeremy Barber, Stanley Bridges, Willie Dawkins, Clarence Harris, Derrell Juster. McLean, F ...

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Whose city?

“We, the city.” That is the phrase used by the Jones Day attorney in court to identify his client. The Jones Day attorney is wrong. He represents Gov. Rick Snyder and his appointee, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr. “We the city” better describes the hundreds of persons marching outside the courthouse in protest of the illegal proceedings inside. Appropriately, one of the chants city residents use while protesti ...

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M1 trolley folly versus transportation justice

The North End Woodward Community Coalition (NEWCC) recently mounted a seven-day march. From Sept. 29 to Oct. 5, we marched round-trip from Woodward and Bethune to the Detroit Amtrak station, the closest place for North End residents to board the proposed M1 trolley. It’s not a great distance if you’re not in a wheel chair or use a walker or cane. In short, the M1 was not constructed with many North End resi ...

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GOP agenda undermines our citizens

From the failure of state Republicans to assign immediate effect” to the Medicaid expansion legislation to the ongoing attacks on workers and the poor, the GOP agenda has been overwhelmingly harmful to our state. The lack of “immediate effect” for Medicaid expansion means it will not take effect until three months after the adjournment of the legislature. The governor’s budget director estimates this will c ...

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‘Entitlement programs’ serve elderly and poor

Republicans have made it clear their next budget goal is to slash so-called entitlement programs. Democrats have failed to explain to the public the misnamed programs are valuable and prevent millions of Americans, many of them elderly or children, from living in poverty. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) issued a report last week that found: “Social Security benefits play a vital role in re ...

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In Medicaid fight, GOP governors stand in hospital door

The tea party effort to torpedo health-care reform at the federal level has been repelled, but only after the campaign shut down the government, threatened default on the U.S. debt and cost the country billions. But that victory should not blind us to how destructive the rejectionists have been at the state level. In the name of states’ rights, right-wing governors and legislators will leave some eight mill ...

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Coping with student loan repayment

A new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found many of the same types of loan servicing problems that affected consumers in the mortgage market are now affecting student loan borrowers. Just as troubled homeowners were often unable to pay their mortgages, refinance their loans, or receive timely assistance from loan servicers, many student loan borrowers are now experiencing many of the sa ...

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Unemployment up for Black men, down for Black women

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Black men 20 years old and older increased in September, but the jobless rate the for Black women in the same age group dropped slightly, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning. The unemployment rate for African American men was 14 percent in September compared to 13.5 percent in August. The jobless rate for Black women was 10 percent in Septe ...

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