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‘Greening’ Detroit with Shakespeare

Everything is going “green” in Detroit. With spring (hopefully) fast approaching, urban gardeners will soon be out tilling small farms throughout the city. Midtown’s Green Garage was specially developed to have a minimal impact on the environment. The recent introduction of the Chevy Volt even demonstrated the Motor City’s biggest industry was edging toward sustainability. And now a troupe of homegrown tale ...

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Detroit sushi business gets new home in a recycled shipping container

For the past few years Social Sushi Detroit has been a nomadic, bringing Japanese cuisine to Detroiters in a diverse array of venues, local businesses and offices. Now, they will be getting a new permanent home thanks to a partnership with students from both Lawrence Technological University and Western International High, a Detroit Public School. The restaurant will be constructed from a reclaimed shipping ...

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Black Women Rock

On March 15, jessica Care moore’s 10th Annual Black Women Rock will be held at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. The sold-out show will be one of Detroit’s most talked about concerts of the year. Featuring several internationally celebrated stars, the event spotlights the dynamic talents of Black women, with their fierce, sensual and courageous stage presence in front of a live band. ...

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Keir the poet

Poetry: “Awareness of things seen and unseen” He strolled across the parking lot from Starbucks into Whole Foods with the air of a man on a clearly defined mission. He uses his gifts of words, street rhythms and raw intellect — honed attaining a B.S. degree from the prestigious Michigan State University School of Packaging and years of private sector corporate know-how to encourage his people, in particular ...

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Racial healing activities inspire hope for ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ in America

Emmett Till. The four little girls in the Birmingham bombing. Rodney King. Trayvon Martin. Their names and situations invoke memories of extreme racial tension and often exacerbate feelings of racial distrust because of the painful circumstances surrounding their deaths. Across the nation, these and other historic stories of violence have for years saturated the airwaves and newspapers. And yet, in many of ...

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Black women’s history is women’s history too

Since March is Women’s History Month, who are the women you are celebrating? Do you know about Elizabeth Keckley? Maggie Lena Walker, Sarann Knight Preddy, Gertrude Pocte Geddes-Willis, Trish Millines Dziko, Addie L Wyatt or Marie-Therese Metoyer? What about Ernesta Procope, Dr. Sadie Alexander or Dr. Phyllis Wallace? What about Bettiann Gardner, Lillian Lambert, or Emma Chappell? What about Ellen Holly, Ma ...

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A little common sense for the Ukraine

Suddenly the crisis in Ukraine engulfs the U.S. As Russian troops move into Crimea, the White House goes into crisis management. Secretary of State Kerry takes off to the Ukrainian capital. Our media is barraged with 24/7 instant analyses. Republican Senators and retired generals call for moving American troops to the Polish-Russian border, placing missiles into the Czech Republic, dispatching a fleet to th ...

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Detroit bankruptcy plan: A math problem

There’s a potential problem with the math of the Detroit Bankruptcy Plan. Pension math and bond math are different. A bond has a specific legal obligation that is written and enforceable. If I lend the city of Detroit $1,000, they agree to pay me back my money at a maturity date and pay interest in the meantime. The liability is known, and measurable: the city owes me $1,000. In a pension, the city owes an ...

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Two Detroits

I just read Malik Yakini’s interview in the recent Metro Times issue. In just a few statements, he hit key points African Americans face nationally and locally, ranging from white supremacy, to food policy, to Black self-determination, to race and class disparities. What I really applaud was his framing of the “two Detroits” concept. Baba Malik outlined how one Detroit located in the downtown/Midtown area h ...

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I Have a Complaint

I am an African/American. Every Black History Month celebration I attend starts our history with slavery. If we are African/Americans, why the hell don’t our history celebrations start with Africa? That is a rhetorical question, the reason our Black History celebrations do not start with Africa is because most of us don’t know a damn thing about Africa. We don’t know Africa contains 20 percent of all land m ...

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