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No end to corruption

This week, Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in prison. When Judge Nancy Edmunds issued her order she said: “We’re demanding transparency and accountability in our government … If there has been corruption in the past, there will be corruption no more.” On the steps of the courthouse, U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said the Kilpatrick sentencing sent a “powerful” message to Detroit and those who wan ...

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Shutdown is really a showdown

Did you happen to see Jimmy Kimmel’s interesting skit two weeks back, where he asked people on the street whether they preferred “Obamacare” or the “Affordable Care Act?” Far too many people chose the “Affordable Care Act” over “Obamacare” without realizing they are one and the same law. ...

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There were alternatives to bankruptcy in Detroit

You don’t have to be from Detroit to be angry at what is happening there. And you don’t have to be from Detroit to lend your voice to an injustice that not only affects Detroit, but also the rest of the nation. If you agree with the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition on this matter, please go to, search for “Detroit Bankruptcy,” and sign the Rainbow/PUSH-sponsored petition. ...

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What’s in our shopping carts?

  By Cheryl Pearson-McNeil NNPA With a current buying power of $1 trillion, manufacturers and marketers should be paying careful attention to the shopping patterns of African American consumers. Nielsen’s latest report on Black consumers, Resilient, Receptive and Relevant: The African American Consumer 2013 Report, illustrates how much of that spending breaks down: Our annual retail spending makes up 8 ...

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Inspiring smiles

Deirdre Young mentors future dentists By by Llenda Jackson-Leslie Deirdre Young, DDS is passionate about her work. She visits a different Detroit middle or high school weekly to share her enthusiasm and gather new recruits, with the focus and intensity of a devout missionary or an ambitious saleswoman. The only difference is she’s selling dentistry as a career. Young is director of multicultural affairs at ...

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HIV rates remain high, report finds

The HIV crisis is far from over in Michigan. Thirteen of Michigan’s 83 counties have high HIV rates as of 2012, according to the most recent Department of Community Health report. They include Ingham, Macomb, Allegan and Oakland. But higher than any county is the city of Detroit, with 778 cases per 100,000 people. Wayne County outside of Detroit ranks as the sixth-highest county. A high HIV rate is classifi ...

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Bridging the digital divide

Gerald Smith, the senior manager of government affairs for Detroit at Comcast, believes technology can be the great equalizer- giving people and especially children from all socio-economic backgrounds the ability to compete in today’s digital world. Sadly, according to a Pew Study, Smith says, 40 percent of people below the poverty line don’t have Internet service. When this statistic is applied to demograp ...

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Violence against women

Domestic violence must be viewed as a men’s issue, not just a women’s issue, which requires changing the intervention strategies. We must deal with this issue from both sides by decreasing the number of male perpetrators and helping women stay out of abusive relationships. We know men who experience domestic violence as children are more likely to commit it as adults, so let’s break the cycle by providing c ...

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Chief Craig gets DPD in order

Five months into his command of the Detroit Police Department, Chief James Craig has announced a reorganization of DPD. Craig explained at a press conference Oct. 8 the appointments made to his new executive team are a part of his “commitment to ensure the best possible leadership is in place.” ...

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Economic stagnation for many, while billionaires thrive

Africa has 55 billionaires at a time when the number of Africans living in extreme poverty has risen from 205 million to 414 million over the past three decades, according to the World Bank. Three of the billionaires are women — the mother of Kenya’s president, a daughter of Angola’s president and a Nigerian oil tycoon and fashion designer. The richest man is Nigeria’s Aliko Dangoe, with a fortune of $20 bi ...

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