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An ‘American Promise’ shines at the New York Film Festival 

As the New York Film Festival kicked off its 51st year, African heritage films were few and far between, but exceptional. “12 Years a Slave” stole the spotlight as it leads the Oscar race for Best Picture. The thought-provoking documentary “American Promise” is the modern-day bookend to a movie like “12…,” as it focuses on the way in which the African American middle class makes tough decisions about educat ...

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Detroit entrepreneur accessorizes

As an entrepreneur and professional, Angela Boone has worn many hats; she is the author of several books, the publisher of The Outer Court News, and a motivational speaker. Her former construction firm, Boone Management, completed school renovations at Howe Elementary and she worked in energy management as a project control specialist with Honeywell International. On Oct. 19, she will officially launch the ...

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‘Cat Scratch Fever’

The Detroit Tigers are back in the Major League Baseball playoffs. Detroit won their first two games against the Oakland Athletics in the American League Divisional Series. On Oct. 7, the Tigers played at 1p.m. and lost to the A’s 6-3. With a roster of stars including 2012 Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera, slugger Prince Fielder and 2011 American League MVP Justin Verlander, this year’s Tigers squad follo ...

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Michigan gone mad

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein Gov. Rick Snyder and Treasurer Andy Dillon need to ponder Einstein’s definition of madness. For 13 years, the state of Michigan has controlled the spending in Highland Park in one way or another. The first EM appeared in 2001, left in 2004 as the second EM slipped in. In 2009, the second EM left under unf ...

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Detroit: Matters of the heart

During an interview with radio talk show host Mildred Gaddis, WCHB 1200 AM, at the 14th Annual Rainbow Push Global Automotive Summit, Rev. Jesse Jackson called the EM Law and Kevyn Orr’s blatant disrespect for Democracy “Plantation Politics”. So we ask again, how and why did we get here? What helped to foster this red herring of distrust and blame for African American leadership. ...

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A pillar of faith

In a democracy, no matter what the country, when someone goes into the election booth to vote he or she leaves expecting that “one person, one vote” rules the day and the result of the election is the will of the people. This is not a hope or a wish, but rather an expectation, where one of the pillars to a democracy and a fundamental part of the American way of life is the ballot box. Generations of America ...

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A do-nothing congress, ‘essential’ services and the rest of us

While some members of Congress are foregoing pay as long as other government workers are shut out of their offices, Republican Congressman Lee Terry (R-Neb.) says he won’t be giving his up. He told his hometown paper that he had to pay for his “nice house” and that he also had a “kid in college.” I guess he needs his pay more than the others who also have nice homes and college tuitions to pay for. ...

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How the Affordable Care Act works

“Nearly 6 in 10 uninsured Americans will be able to get coverage for $100 or less.” — President Barack Obama We fought and won a battle three years ago to improve access to affordable healthcare for every American and finally it’s here. On Oct. 1, a key component of the Affordable Care Act took effect when the new Health Insurance Marketplace opened for business, allowing millions of Americans to shop for a ...

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Government shutdown harder on Black workers

Although the shutdown of the federal government beginning Oct. 1 is affecting all Americans, a disproportionate portion of the 800,000 furloughed federal workers are African Americans, according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Because government jobs have been more available to Blacks than private sector employment over the years, especially under de jure segregation, Blacks, who comprise 13.6 p ...

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