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My sister’s keeper

In all the hoopla surrounding President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, overlooked is the fact our young girls also need to be targeted for special attention. Sure, they outpace Black males in college attendance and, in many instances, in the workplace. Still, that does not mean they do not also need special attention and encouragement. Nothing illustrates this better than events of the past week. S ...

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A mixed Obama legacy

President Barack Obama announced a “My Brother’s Keeper,” an initiative to help young Black and Brown men succeed. Many present in the East Wing of the White House described the announcement of this initiative as “an emotional moment” for President Obama and for many of the others gathered there. ...

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Detroit filmmaker shoots fire footage from a drone

Three big fire trucks have brought out ladders and are spraying water on a burning building from above. On the ground firefighters and several fire trucks work to put out the flames. That’s when Harry Arnold launches his drone and flies it towards the fire, filming the big cloud of grey smoke rising from the building. Two firefighters were hurt in this May 30th Detroit fire. Arnold thinks that the video he ...

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High school students offered college credits

Detroit Community Schools, a charter high school located in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood recently expanded its educational partnership with Wayne County Community College District. Before the expansion, “the DCS/WC3 concurrent enrollment program was limited to advance placement mathematics students,” said DCS Superintendent Sharon McPhail. That program rewards students, who satisfied the requirements f ...

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Young, Black and afraid of the system

The Michael Dunn trial and two-year anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death lead young African American men into the 21st century cynical of the American judicial system. According to Brenda Stevenson, Professor of History at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), recent high-profile judicial cases involving young Black men underscored a disparity in the justice system that African Americans have alway ...

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University of Chicago to name building in honor of Gordon Parks

The George Lucas Family Foundation, named in honor of George Lucas, the filmmaker who made the science fiction classic “Star Wars,” and his wife, Mellody Hobson, have donated $25 million to the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools for construction of a building that will be named in honor of African American filmmaker, photographer and writer Gordon Parks. The building, scheduled to open in 2015, will b ...

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Join us for Detroit Food 2014

Don’t miss Detroit Food 2014, April 3-4 at Focus: HOPE hosted by the Detroit Food Policy Council and co-sponsored by the Detroit Food and Fitness Collaborative. This year’s theme is “Race to Good Food” and will focus on racial equity across the food system. LaDonna Redmond will give the keynote address on April 3. Redmond is a food justice activist who was inspired to fight for a fairer food system after fa ...

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‘Living for Change’ in China

This week, I received sample copies of the Chinese edition of “Living for Change.” The Index, which is the only section in English, lists the names of the individuals who had been a part of my life up to 1998 when the English edition was published by the University of Minnesota Press, e.g. my mother, father, Hegel, Whitehead, Lyman Paine, C.L.R. James, Jimmy Boggs et al. Last month, I received this email fr ...

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The woman behind Heidelberg

Tyree Guyton is world-renowned for his work on Detroit’s Heidelberg project, which transformed vacant houses on the city’s east side into found-art mosaicked sculptural pieces. But Guyton was not alone in the creation of the project. During a decade-long period spanning the creation of Heidelberg Project and its rise to international prominence, Tyree Guyton had a partner in life and work, Karen Guyton. Aft ...

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United Sound Studios, a Detroit music jewel reopens

United Sound Systems Recording Studio, the historic birthplace of hit songs from some of Detroit’s greatest musicians, has reopened its doors to the public for the first time in years, now as a museum and a production facility. From Aretha Franklin to Funkadelic, the studio has produced classic music and sounds for generations of listeners. ...

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