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Shop in your community and watch it grow

A way out of the growing misery in Detroit and other urban centers is found in the report, Resilient, Receptive and Relevant: The African American Consumer 2013 Report, conducted by Nielsen and the Black press organization, the National Newspaper Publishers Association, and reported on in this paper. The buying power of African Americans would rank us number 16 on a list of nations if we were a separate cou ...

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Detroit’s decline explained

To understand Detroit’s current economic downturn it is necessary to flip the pages of the city’s history back to the 1950s, according to a recent in-depth report by the Detroit Free Press. This exhaustive study gives empirical evidence to underscore the assumptions. As many have suggested, there’s no one person, incident or year to blame for the current crisis. It’s a confluence of factors, an accumulation ...

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Keep hope alive with a new War on Poverty

Only a couple of weeks ago, as the nation celebrated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s powerful “I Have a Dream” speech, I was reminded of Rev. King’s last birthday in January 1968. He combined it with work — a staff meeting, planning for the multiracial Poor People’s March, where we made plans to occupy the National Mall. He spoke to us of the need to march t ...

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The un-United States of America

Shortly after the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776 the Second Continental Congress struggled to develop a document that would provide the structure for the first government of the United States. On Nov. 15, 1777, the representatives of the 13 original colonies adopted the Articles of Confederation. It provided structure for a loose association of independent states, enabling them to co ...

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Big, but no punch: The Black consumer and economic development

With an increasing buying power of nearly $1 trillion annually — $1.3 trillion by 2017, if African Americans were a geographical-fiscal entity, they’d be the 16th largest country in the world, according to a recent Nielsen report. So then, why is it Black communities meet so many challenges when it comes to economic development? ...

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Weeklong protest claims M-1 RAIL is divisive

The North End Woodward Community Coalition (NEWCC), a coalition of bus riders and their supporters, are marching every day for a week to challenge ideas about the planned M-1 RAIL, a Woodward Avenue streetcar service. According to their Web site, “M-1 RAIL is a 501(c)3 organization managing the design, construction and operation of a circulating streetcar that will initially run 3.3 miles along Woodward Ave ...

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Council frowns on Belle Isle lease

During formal session on Oct. 1, council members expressed their disapproval of the state agreement with Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to lease Belle Isle. “It’s unfathomable to me that anybody could come to the New York City Council and advise the council that Central Park has been leased away to the state of New York without a hearing. I can’t imagine that,” Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said. “Belle Isle is ou ...

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Oakman School trashed, documents strewn

Birth certificates, parent permission slips and other sensitive documents are among the papers strewn around the front door of the shuttered Oakman Orthopedic school on the city’s west side. Aliya Moore, parent advocate, has two garbage bags full of documents she rescued from the front lawn of the school after it was closed at the end of school in July. ...

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