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Appreciating the bargain

DetroitEmergency Manger Kevyn Orr’s grand bargain is unraveling. His Disclosure Statement and Plan of Adjustment offer little of substance. For anyone familiar with Michigan politics, the plan reads like a longwinded reiteration of the dreams of the Mackinac Policy Institute. Commentators from the hallowed halls of the New York Times to the chilly rooms of Historic King Solomon Church on Detroit’s west side ...

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Fourth period comeback

With Southeastern leading 50-39 with only three minutes remaining in the contest, it looked like Pershing’s quest for a second Detroit PSL Championship was over. But the Doughboys’ head coach Wydell Henry had other plans. “Down by 11 points, I called timeout and I told them to fight,” Henry said in post-game interview. “I told them to fight to the end. We lost to them the first time, 81-79 during the regula ...

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King three-peats

The Martin Luther King Crusaders won their third straight Detroit Public School League Title. Cass Tech gave the Crusaders a stiff challenge, but wasn’t enough as the three-peat team turned back the Technicians in a hard fought battle ending in a 51-41 score at the Detroit Public School League Basketball Championship Feb. 21 at Calihan Hall on the campus of the University of Detroit. ...

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Black women still penalized for race and gender

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed race and gender-based discrimination. Now, 50 years later, Black women still suffer under the double-whammy of race and gender. Stephanie Coontz, co-chair of Council on Contemporary Families (CCF) and director of Research and Public Education, made that point at a symposium sponsored by the CCF, a nonprofit nonpartisan family research think tank. ...

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Environmental racism: ‘New frontline’ of human rights

Environmental justice activists are calling attention to what they say is the new frontline of the human rights struggle — chemical contamination of communities of color — what some groups have dubbed environmental racism. “When corporations decide where to build chemical plants, landfills, or water treatment plants where chemicals leach, they most often choose low income communities of color,” Richard Moor ...

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What the 2014 Farm Bill may mean for Detroiters

After three years of bitter wrangling between the U. S. House and Senate, President Barack Obama finally signed the $956 billion Farm Bill into law on Feb. 7. He did so at Michigan State University, thereby honoring our own Senator Debbie Stabenow’s role in shepherding the bill’s passage as the chair of the Senate’s Agriculture Committee. ...

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A Detroit burlesque revival in historic Black Bottom

“I like the challenge to be innovative,” says Rachel McCollough, the Detroit-born burlesque artist who produced “Noir Night,” an all-Black female cast cabaret show this past Sunday evening. “I want to produce something that no one has ever thought of. I like to be cocky, later on, like ‘nobody thought of that.’ I love the attention. I like the verification that people want to be on board and love.” McCollou ...

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Melvin Davis: Music, life, politics all about participation

You might think a gentleman in his 70s, after writing over 600 songs, would have pretty much said all he had to say. But if that gentleman happens to be Detroit soul legend Melvin Davis, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The musician/singer/songwriter/dancer/entrepreneur has a lot of knowledge to share and it comes straight from his heart. “Sincerity always works,” Davis told the Michigan Citizen, “be ...

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Winans brings the gospel to the symphony

Pastor Marvin Winans, founder of The Perfecting Church in Detroit, is a renowned gospel singer. Now the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is giving him a marquee opportunity to show off his broad range of vocal talent. In a program titled “Classical Roots” March 7 at the CSO, Winans will perform gospel classics along with works written by Verdi and the pastor himself. ...

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West Virginia miners’ struggles still relevant today

GeorgeSantayana famously said, “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” Although the privatization of Detroit’s school system and public assets, growing wealthy inequality and the rapacious extraction of resources wreaking havoc on the environment and public health may seem like new problems for our times, David Alan Corbin’s 2011 book, “Gun Thugs, Rednecks and Radicals,” proves our cur ...

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