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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

I listen a lot more than I speak these days, because I had to learn the hard way there is power in silence and listening. The streets speak loudly if one is willing to shut up and listen to the wisdom bouncing around the potholes of Detroit where degrees and bank accounts are not required. ...

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Blight in our community

Blight is the new word of the day. As federal officials left town in the wake of promises to free up money for Detroit, images of burned out houses and falling down structures dominated discussions of our city. In the selective reporting of mainstream media, we are told Detroit has an unknown number of abandoned houses with estimates ranging between 78,000 and 91,000 homes. The impression is that each of th ...

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‘Magic’ at State Fair

Lansing native Earvin “Magic” Johnson and business partners, Marvin Beatty and Joel Ferguson, could soon begin development on 157 acres of land at the old State Fair Grounds. Developers say the project includes more than retail, as they are considering single-family and senior residential housing. The site plan also includes a movie theater, entertainment venues and preservation of some historic buildings. ...

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Soul food gets healthy

Detroit Vegan Soul (DVS) celebrates the grand opening of their brick-and-mortar café Sept. 28 from 3-7 p.m. The event will feature live music, a ribbon cutting and a free tasting of some of DVS’ most popular dishes. DVS began in February 2012 as a meal delivery and catering company. Its founders say they started the business to “make good, healthy food accessible to everyone and break the cycle of diet-rela ...

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Brown v. Board district being re-segregated, report concludes

In 1987, when Genevieve Siegel-Hawley attended Fox Elementary School in the Fan District of Richmond, Va., 65 percent of the students were Black. Today, Dr. Siegel-Hawley, now an assistant professor of education at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), said the situation at Fox has reversed, with 65 percent of the students being white. ...

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Dr. Christian Nwamba ‘transforming lives, one student at a time’

Dr. Christian Nwamba, a Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) Microbiology Professor, grew up in the very poor and remote village of Omuma, in Imo State, Nigeria, West Africa. There, he attended both primary and elementary schools before moving on to attend high school in another town, away from his village. His village­ — like most remote villages in Africa — had no public utilities like electric ...

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Detroit playwright selected from thousands for Atlanta Festival

Among the 40 plays performed in four days at the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, will be one straight from Detroit. “Urban Wine,” by writer Eunice McGill, also known as “Starchild,” will take the stage Oct. 3 at Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center in Atlanta. The two-year-old festival strives to, “retrieve and preserve the depth of the black experience, to promote literacy and interest in the arts in ...

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Homecoming at Highlander

Last weekend, I had the honor and pleasure of spending three days at the legendary Highlander Center, where, since 1932, the famous and the nameless have been meeting to define and redefine the American Revolution to mean NOT the seizure of state power, but loving America enough to change it into a beacon for social justice.. It was an awesome once in a lifetime experience: - Living in the house of founder ...

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Free the land

Detroit respects the urgency of serious interest in reforming and cultivating useful land. In lieu of holding to a standard market rate for prime land, it chose to give further incentive by selling land to a wealthy bidder for $.08 a square foot. At the time, this writer felt it a great injustice to the citizens of Detroit. As it was released, it has now set a precedent that serious interest with earnest pl ...

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East English shuts out Denby, third-quarter surge lifts Cass Tech

After a 0-2 start against stiff competition, East English Village (EEV) won its second straight game as the Bulldogs shut out previously unbeaten Denby 22-0 in a PSL East matchup Sept. 20 at home. The win lifted the Bulldogs to 2-2 overall and 2-1 in the PSL East — back in playoff contention. “We’re getting better through preparation,” said EEV head coach, Rod Oden. “Our players that got banged up are now h ...

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