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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

You love saying, “Race doesn’t matter to me…” We are the only people race hasn’t mattered to, who have been enslaved in these United States, and now you are a slave to mainstream media and self hate. KMA. You are that same house fella and girl that helped rebuild the plantation just after the Civil War, because you couldn’t stand a little freedom. But we do battle in the marketplace of ideas in a peaceful n ...

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Detroit hip hop dominates fall album releases

A worldwide audience awaits Detroit’s slate of autumn hip hop releases. Many of the artists represent a mix of independent and signed performers, who have influenced the sound of popular hip hop today. Most hope they can generate sales revenue to help rebuild the city’s music industry. Clear Soul Forces’ new album, “Gold PP7s,” was released Sept. 17, and new fans around the world have become excited for the ...

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Resisting the EM

As Rick Snyder campaigns for his second term, people are bombarded with images of the “can do” governor. One image we won’t see is Gov. Snyder meeting with the Detroit elected Board of Education. If the governor had his way, the elected board would pack up and get out of town. That is because the Detroit elected school board has been persistent in its resistance to the emergency manager and to the destructi ...

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United Way campaign depicts ‘the next Dan Gilbert’

The United Way for Southeastern Michigan’s new ad campaign uses local public figures to promote youth services. Billboards along I-94, I-75 and M-10 depict a young Carmen Harlan, Kid Rock and Dan Gilbert, respectively, for the Running a Workforce campaign, created as a way to “foster teambuilding while helping your employees give back to the community.” Others depicted in the billboard ads are: Prince Field ...

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Cass Tech wins season opener, Western International off to 2-0 start

Defending PSL champion Cass Tech started its season off on the right foot Sept. 9, as the Technicians swept Central Academy three matches to none (25-8, 25-4, 25-8) in a PSL crossover match at Cass Tech. The Technicians’ originally scheduled game against DCP-Northwestern was cancelled because of a recent power failure in parts of Midtown. Cass Tech also competed in a tournament at Novi High this past Saturd ...

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The new white Negro

In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan released a controversial report written for his then boss, President Lyndon Johnson. Entitled “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action,” it described the condition of lower-income African American families and catalyzed a highly acrimonious, decades-long debate about Black culture and family values in America. ...

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Neighborly patrol

Neighbors of Imogene Anton and Bernice Green, who were robbed and beaten inside their homes Sept. 9 walked the streets days following knocking on doors and passing out literature to help find the elderly women’s attackers. Anton, 90, was hospitalized following the attack, where she was struck with an object causing her to fall to the floor, according to a police alert. ...

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Cuts in SNAP: No food for the hungry

Steven and Laurie, a white married couple that live near Richmond, Va., work at a big box store. Laurie is a cashier; Steven works in the storeroom. Each earns about $9 an hour, but neither works 40 hours a week. Indeed, they are lucky to pull 40 hours a week combined. Some weeks, they are fortunate enough to pull 45 hours a week between them. Some weeks, their combined hours are just 30. I met Steven and L ...

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CBC should highlight Detroit

By William Reed NNPA Since the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) started its Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) weekend, the “Michigan Reception” and “Motown Live Afterglow” have always been the premier parties. From the first Black Caucus weekend in 1971, Motown music executive LeBaron Taylor held the record for hosting the best ALC party. Like other Detroit heavy-hitters, Taylor, a former radio DJ, stood ...

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