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Local press publishes imprisoned man’s book of haiku

James Fuson has been in prison for two decades. At the tender age of 17, not yet old enough to buy cigarettes, he was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. “Prison is not for the naïve,” he writes, “and … a kid … is not ready for it. One of two things will happen to that kid: He will either break and become part of the machine or get tough and grow into a stronger individual. Either way… ...

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Ethnic Heritage Ensemble to perform at N’Namdi Gallery

The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble returns to Detroit for another live performance on Feb. 28. The Chicago-based ensemble combines contemporary African American musical styles with traditional African instrumentation and rhythms. Percussionist/composer/band leader Kahil El’Zabar, saxophonist Ernest Khabeer Dawkins and trumpet-player Corey Wilkes make up the group. The show will take place at the N’Namdi Center fo ...

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Rev. Joseph R. Jordan, influential pastor, dies

Rev. Dr. Joseph Ralph Jordan, pastor of Corinthian Baptist Church in Hamtramck, died at the age of 77 on Monday, February 3rd at Detroit Receiving Hospital in Detroit. He served as Corinthian’s pastor for 40 years. Rev. Wayne Little, senior associate pastor of Corinthian reflected, “Those he touched will remember him as a servant, teacher and a man with a Pastor’s heart.” He distinguished himself as a man w ...

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Monetizing a murderer

Had he not murdered Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman would be an average white man holding down a mediocre job, living under the radar and aspiring for a law enforcement job. He and his wife would probably be divorcing (as they are now) on account of his brutality (she cites his beatings in her divorce proceedings). Nobody, but nobody, would know his name or give a hoot about him. Though a jury found Zimmer ...

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Dr. King ‘turning in his grave’ over family greed

The children of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sue each other — as well as loyal family friends — so often you need a program to keep up with the court action. Bernice and Martin Luther King III sued Dexter because he failed to open the books of their father’s estate. Dexter, hoping to sign a $1.4 million book contract, sued Bernice, who administers their mother’s estate, for not sharing their parents’ love le ...

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What will (y)our legacy look like?

As America “celebrates” the countless achievements of African Americans during the February observance of Black History Month, I think it makes sense to remind each other of the things we do every day will be the historical recollections for future generations. There is no question of the value of recounting the daring exploits, the against-all-oddsbattles won, or of revisiting the horrors and brutalities t ...

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Invitation to Snyder, Patterson to tour our reservation lands

L. Brooks Patterson is quoted in an article titled “Drop Dead, Detroit,” which appeared in the Jan. 2014 issue of the New Yorker as saying, “… What we’re gonna do is turn Detroit into an Indian reservation, where we herd all the Indians into the city, build a fence around it, and then throw in the blankets and the corn.”Our people, indigenous to the Great Lakes area, have a long history of intergovernmental ...

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Whom will the stadium benefit?

(Over a) week ago, I requested we make every attempt to refrain from using race in our daily conversations. By no means, am I oblivious to the reality of racism, which, like behaviors of prejudice, we all exhibit. Racism or stupidity doesn’t belong to one race or gender. But as a Black woman, I am sometimes disappointed in some of the things I see in my people — the Black ones and the white ones. ...

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GM VP awarded Black Engineer of the Year

General Motors Vice President of North America Manufacturing Gerald Johnson received the Black Engineer of the Year Award at the organization’s science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, conference. Some 3,000 conference attendees — students, educators and industry representatives — watched as recently-named GM CEO Mary Barra, a strong supporter of STEM education, presented the BEYA career achievem ...

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African American nationalism, the concept of internal colonies and Third World solidarity: Reflections of a movement worker

The years 1965 to 1967 mark my work as a field secretary in the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee in Alabama, and the beginning of a life-long commitment to the African American liberation movement and the worldwide struggles for human rights. This was a period of fierce rebellions in major cities across the United States as African Americans expressed our rage at the continued oppression of our co ...

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