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Detroit Design Festival 2013

The Detroit Design Festival begins next week with a variety of creative showcases that offer a new outlook on the future of the city. From Sept. 17 until the 22nd, venues throughout the city will host events spotlighting the work of Detroit-based designers. “Design means something to everyone,” says Melinda Anderson, a coordinator for the festival working through the Detroit Creative Corridor Center. “Art i ...

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New label, album for Sheard

Grammy Award-winning gospel recording artist Karen Clark Sheard, a Detroit native, recorded her newest solo album Sept. 9, during a live performance held at the House of Hope in Chicago, Ill. This latest project was produced by Grammy Award-winning recording artist and producer, Donald Lawrence. This is Sheard’s sixth solo project. Fans will be in for a treat as Sheard said they went for a different sound — ...

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Twanna Monae Hawkins

Twanna Monae Hawkins was born in Detroit on Dec. 23, 1977, to Johnny Thomas and Shirley Ann Hawkins. The Hawkins family lived in Detroit where Twanna was educated at Washington Career Center. In 1990, Twanna joined Straight Gate International Church. Twanna experienced many obstacles growing up, but she never let it hold her back from accomplishing anything. She was able to become the most valued employee w ...

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Raising ‘Ca$h’ for Osborn activity center

Photographer Rodesha Ross founded the Artist Venue Nonprofit Organization (AVNPO) in 2009, to empower youth in her community. AVNPO is working on establishing a group of community centers where mentors can encourage local kids’ creativity through visual arts, photography and fashion design. Ms. Ross hopes to bring her vision to life first in Detroit’s Osborn neighborhood, where she grew up. The First Annual ...

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So Mike Duggan agrees with me, or does he?

On Sept. 10, I attended the Education Pioneers 10 Year Anniversary in San Francisco. As a 2008 Bay area alum, this is significant to me as was this phenomenal fellowship which served as the catalyst for my education advocacy to ensure a quality education for all children throughout the city of Detroit. While this five-year voluntary commitment proves challenging, I strongly believe I made the right decision ...

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Gloucester’s Rebellion: Another lesson about our character

Three hundred years before a multiracial coalition stormed Washington’s National Mall to demand equal rights and economic justice, the working men of Gloucester County, Vir. made a stand of their own based on class, not race. We often ask whether Martin Luther King Jr. would recognize the world in 2013, but it is equally valid to ask whether he would have recognized the world of 1663, when Black and white c ...

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Obama selling ‘wolf tickets’ on Syria

President Barack Obama stepped on a big limb when he threatened “limited action” against Syria because the country’s leaders allegedly used chemical weapons against their own people. There are international bans against the use of chemical weapons, with Syria one of few countries not supporting the ban. Chemical weapons allegedly killed more than 1,400 Syrians, and the ongoing civil war may have killed as m ...

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Stand up to ‘Dream Busters’

We have heard the call for action. The 50th anniversary of the March for Jobs and Freedom outlined what needs to be done to revive the Dream. President Obama has put forward part of that agenda for action. And now we face the Dream Busters. The agenda is compelling and clear. We should be expanding the right to vote, not constricting it. Congress should act to restore the Voting Rights Act and limit the rol ...

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Diversity denied

Gov. Rick Snyder needs a dashboard to measure the state’s efforts at diversity and inclusion. Michigan’s dashboards measure the state’s effectiveness in key areas including economic strength and quality of life. Observers say the state should also measure its efforts to include women, African Americans and people of color. In the next few years, billions of dollars will be spent in Detroit — trash collectio ...

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