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Freedom House protects global refugees, American LGBTIs

David Kato Kisule died while fighting a bill that is now law in Uganda — an anti-homosexuality law that makes being gay punishable by life imprisonment. Citizens in Uganda are now also required by law to report “homosexuals” to the government within 24 hours to avoid being prosecuted themselves. This legislation, however, is not unique to Uganda. According to the, 78 countries have “criminal la ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Everyone with a smart phone is now positioned to be a techno-eye witness. You can back up what you thought you saw and heard with the clarity of video from your smart-cam. An editorial bonus: You are now a supreme formulator of opinion and jury shaping; “did you see the video?” The work of newscast producers is given a helping hand — no white balance required. Parents if you equipped your child with a smart ...

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No sense of shame

Many of us have seen photographs of lynchings. Most of them, in newspaper accounts and on postcards, depict some variation on the gruesome reality. Men hanging from trees, their bodies often mutilated or burned. Beneath them are groups of white people — men, women, and children. Sometimes they are milling about. Sometimes they are clearly having a party — some actually posing in front of the lynched body. ...

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Redford Theatre fetes Foxy

Not only is Pam Grier, star of “Foxy Brown” and “Coffy,” a synecdoche for blaxploitation, but many credit her as the world’s first female action film star. Grier exploded on the screen in the 70s, aiming her guns at both on-screen villains and the cameras — behind which were legions of ogling male audiences. In the late 90s, controversial but critically-acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino wrote the movie ...

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No support for Detroit artists on local radio

2013 was the first time in the 58-year history of Billboard Top 100 song chart-rankings that an African American artist did not reach the number one position — all year long. Among the chart-topping songs for 2013, two white rappers had number one songs, R&B inspired artist Robin Thicke ripped off Marvin Gaye for a 12-week run, and Miley Cyrus reinvented herself — “twerking” her way up the charts in a sembl ...

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Bright future for Cass Tech’s Parker

Although she only stands five-foot-five-inches tall, Taylor Parker of the Cass Tech Girls’ basketball squad is a giant when it comes to full court play on offense and defense. “She’s our best defensive player and three-point shooter,” said Cass Tech Assistant Coach Fred Whitmore. “With all our pressure based on half and full court, Taylor’s one of our best guards with the most steals on the team.” ...

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Mumford aims for the top

What a difference a year makes. Last season, the Mumford boys’ basketball squad finished with a 9-11 record, but this season the Mustangs are wrapping up their season with a 13-2 overall, a 7-1 PSL Division II mark. They started their season with a big win over Chicago (Ill.) Hype at the Derrick Coleman Classic on their home court. Then the Mustangs travelled down to Toledo (Ohio) Rodgers to win another pre ...

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The significance of the Black Church in American history

The Black Church and the Black Movement in America have always been bound by an unambiguous umbilical cord. Denmark Vesey, an African who was enslaved in South Carolina, was a co-founder of a branch of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1817. He later planned a rebellion in the United States in 1822. Richard Allen, an abolitionist, business owner and activist, founded the African Methodist Episcopal ...

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Naming the enemy

A spectre is haunting the American people — the spectre of destruction by capitalism. In its limitless quest for profits, capitalism has defiled our human relationships by turning them into money relationships. It has transformed work from a precious human activity into jobs, which are done only for a paycheck and which have become increasingly meaningless and increasingly scarce as the profits from our lab ...

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The Library gets loud!

The Detroit Public Library and the E. Azalia Hackley Collection present the 70th Annual Hackley Concert at 7 p.m. on Feb. 12. This year’s concert premieres “The Legacy of Roland Hayes,” a composition written by multi-Grammy nominated artist Patrice Rushen. The performance will feature renowned tenor George Shirley and the Cut Time Players, led by Detroit Symphony Orchestra bassist Rick Robinson. ...

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