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Poor Man’s Art Collective unveils new show

For the past 11 years, the founders of the Poor Man’s Art Collective (PMAC), Geno Harris and Mychal Noir have been working to bring attention to the creations by Detroit’s unknown and emerging artists. They get another crack at it Oct. 25-Nov. 8, when PMAC’s new show, “Thinking Outside of the Box!” adorns the walls of The Liberal Arts Gallery at 3361 Gratiot, on the city’s east side. ...

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Detroit to Africa: Dr. Tierra Bills builds a road to success

For Dr. Tierra Bills, Ph.D., education was an integral part of growing up; her grandparents and family made certain of it. “I think that in my family education has always been valued and held in very high regard,” says the Florida A&M graduate. Bills’ mother was a teacher at her K-12 school, Aisha Shule/W.E.B. Dubois Preparatory Academy. “My mom basically taught me all of my life — at home and all through s ...

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Vaudeville re-booted

On Sept. 26, Detroit-based physical theatre company, The Hinterlands, will begin performing their new play, “The Circuit,” described as “an ecstatic variety show for the outcasts of the Internet age.” A “high-octane-seize-no-prisoner” take on vaudeville, every aspect of the show — the book, the music, and the performance space itself — has been carefully crafted by the company for maximum effect. Since 2009 ...

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The fight over the Detroit Aug. 6 primary continues. On Aug. 29, candidate for city clerk D. Etta Wilcoxon filed a lawsuit claiming the Board of State Canvassers had neither the legal authority to handle ballots from the Aug. 6 Detroit primary nor the right to recount them. “The state said that it wanted to enfranchise Detroiters. That is not the way to enfranchise Detroiters,” Wilcoxon told the Michigan Ci ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

For those of us seeking orgasmic relief without the physical or emotional risk factors, Labor Day weekend was sexed up for all but haters of a good time. Royal Oak produced a major league packed house for MC Hammer (the Detroit Jazz Festival is a far better bargain and much hipper than Arts, Beats and Eats — but why compare great releases?). Enough of the feel good crap, we go hard here. So, if Dan Gilbert ...

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Detroit transit suffers

The Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) is struggling to satisfy local commuters. Bus drivers are often the first to receive criticism from riders, but some riders fail to remember that drivers are forced to work within a failing system, and have no control over bad service. Last April ­ — with the threat of emergency management looming over the city and the implementation of a consent agreement wit ...

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Duggan’s PAC gives $80,000 back

Tom Barrow’s allegations of election fraud are gaining traction; Quicken Loans has asked Mike Duggan’s Turnaround Detroit Political Action Committee (PAC) to refund $80,000 of campaign contributions. Dan Gilbert controls Quicken loans and its parent company Rock Ventures, both companies he founded; Gilbert is also a principal of Athens Acquisition, the corporate entity that is majority owner of the Greektow ...

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Media company gets $5 million deal with Orr

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr gave $5 million to local media group, Real Times Media. The two contracts were approved for the week of Aug. 12 by Orr, while city council was at recess. Real Times Media is the parent company of the Michigan Chronicle, Chicago Defender, Pittsburgh Courier among several other media properties. The contracts were brought to the city council table Sept. 3 — not for council approval ...

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Competent or incapable?

The new watch-words coming from Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr are “competence” and “efficiency.” We are being told he is busy “streamlining” city government. He is eliminating cumbersome bureaucracies. His target this week is City Planning and Development. People who care about the future of the city need to resist this effort to destroy democratic oversight in the name of competence and efficiency. We are ge ...

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Lord Jessiah releases new album “Grounds of Detroit”

Lord Jessiah is a hip hop producer who has stuck with the sonic fundamentals of the craft, matching sample loops with street rhymes that beat straight to the soul. His new album, “Grounds of Detroit,” is a throwback to 90s era hip hop, when songs reflected the rawness of the blocks, unlike today’s rap music, which tends to be more polished for pop appeal. ...

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