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Detroit North End Healing

The strip of Oakland Avenue in Detroit’s North End district may be riddled with vacant homes and fire-damaged structures, but the historical significance of the region has kept the people together over the years — fighting to renew the history of a community once known for greatness. On Aug. 24, over 200 people gathered at the Oakland Avenue Community Garden & Greenhouse, located at 9354 Oakland Avenue in D ...

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Fashion designer crafts gala out of talent and tragedy

Designer Mark England never stopped sketching, sewing, styling, illustrating and breathing fashion — even after being diagnosed with lymphoma earlier this year. So once the chemotherapy stopped and the doctors cleared him, he went right back to work. Since then, England has made it a mission to use his skill and trade to raise awareness in the fight against cancer . ...

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‘Idol’ gives message of redemption

Faith, money, fame and redemption make up “Idol,” the latest stage play set to hit the Paul Roberson Theater at Northwestern Activities Center on September 7. Produced by Janaya Black, “Idol” stars Kamal Smith, Dez Cortez, Nunu Thurman, DeLorean Cotton, Delores Harris, Michael C. Lee, Martini Harris and London Allen. “Idol” depicts the struggle of a young Christian man Rico Williams, played by Kamal Smith, ...

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Deconstructing Reconstruction

Children in elementary school often come home with the idea that the purpose of the Civil War was to end slavery, but if that were true why did it take Abraham Lincoln so long to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, and why was it less than universally popular in the Union states? If you see the movie “Lincoln,” you get a much fuller picture of the contingency of emancipation, and of the difficulty of passi ...

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Malcolm X: The Farce on Washington

In the midst of the media frenzy around the 1963 March on Washington, history will not absolve us if we ignore Malcolm’s description of the March as “the farce on Washington.” This is because the radical rejection of integration into a society that has reduced human beings to commodities is as much a part of black American history as the liberal struggle to be accepted into it. ...

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King, East English to battle for PSL East

The two squads that clashed in the high scoring 51-48 PSL Final last year at Ford Field are again the top two favorites to fight it out for the PSL East crown this fall. Defending PSL Champion Martin Luther King Highand runner-up East English Village are expected to dominate the division and make the post-season playoffs. “I think we should have a pretty good year because we didn’t lose that much according ...

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Why farmers’ markets are important

Americans have come to know farmers’ markets as outdoor markets that are held so that farmers can sell their fresh produce to consumers. Farmers’ markets are seeing growth both in the United States and also in parts of Europe. They’re known as having flexible standards, with some imposing strict rules for prices, while others allow a more lenient condition for their vendors. A few reasons people shop at far ...

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Thoughts: After the 50th Anniversary

My wife really wanted to attend the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream speech.” However, after attending the 50th anniversary march in Detroit, and numerous other marches in DC, I resisted this time, opting instead to stay home and watch it on television. Perhaps, I sensed what the take-away would be. Many notable speakers offered inspiring oratory. Of ...

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Peace Movement Rally

The Peace Movement is on the move ­— going from one school to another to encourage, motivate and teach students about peace. One of many rallies planned for the year happened at Cesar Chavez Academy. Dr. Joyce Jones designed the program for students to feel free to express their thoughts on violence within their city and the peaceful way to end the violence. Peace begins by teaching young people early to, a ...

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Have we reduced fear in the community? This will be an important question for Detroit citizens to consider after the tenure of Emergency Manager-appointed Detroit Police Chief James Craig, and after the overall public policy experiment of emergency management. The appointment of Craig represents an attempt to improve city services for Detroiters, one of Gov. Snyder and EM Orr’s promises. Streetlights and sa ...

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