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The IBW ‘Black Paper’ seeks to energize activists

“There is a ‘state of emergency’ without urgency in Black America,” writes Ron Daniels, president of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century. In a collection of essays and briefs, the IBW’s forthcoming “Black Paper” documents the progress — and lack of progress — made since the 1963 March on Washington and offers potential solutions to the problems afflicting Black America. The authors of the Black Pa ...

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Oakman supporters rally to save school

Oakman Orthopedic-Elementary School supporters continue to call on Detroit Public School authorities to keep their school open. A group of parents, students and activists gathered Aug. 28 in front of the Fisher Building to get the district’s new Emergency Manager Jack Martin’s attention. “In the last two weeks, Jack Martin issued a letter stating that the issue was not enrollment anymore,” president of the ...

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Diann Banks-Williamson Center

Detroit Public Schools held its ribbon cutting ceremony Aug. 20 for the $6.7 million Diann Banks-Williamson Center. The school will concentrate on special care for students with learning disabilities in grades nine to12. “I think it’s outstanding, I’m glad that we were able to get that center in place,” DPS Emergency Manager Jack Martin said. “We’re very pleased and proud to have that new facility.” The new ...

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From King’s Dream to street dreams: Just being Jay Z is enough

In the wake of Jay Z’s so-called beef with actor and activist Harry Belafonte, Hova has been criticized for saying that his presence is a charity — his existence provides hope. At first blush, these words seem to have been baptized in a pool of arrogance; however, further examination reveals that they are the words of a man who has successfully escaped the urban ghetto and his existence proves that street d ...

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Diminishing arts in schools shreds children’s souls

Detroit School of Arts (DSA) was designed to provide enriched academic arts opportunities for students under the tutelage of high quality academic arts instructors. DSA was founded on the principles of leadership integrity and community engagement. These two qualities helped advance DSA into national and international acclaim. It is difficult and painful to learn about the disruption of DSA’s educational at ...

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In the aftermath of murder, a mother’s grief never ends

What happens in the aftermath of a killing — not the funeral, not the media sensation (if there is any) — but what happens to the victim’s loved ones? Today would be my son Jeaco’s 41st birthday if he was not murdered nine years ago. Jeaco was the “go to” person in my immediate family and in his circle of friends. Jeaco was a very wise and respected young man. Since he left, my daughters and grandson, young ...

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Segregation persists

“Lee Daniel’s The Butler” has sparked conversation about the need for intergenerational dialogue. “The Butler,” the story of Cecil Gaines, who served eight consecutive presidents — from Dwight Eisenhower to Ronald Reagan — as butler at the White House, was masterful at exposing the complexities between generations. At its essence, “The Butler” is also the story of a Black family and the struggles each gener ...

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On Friday, August 30, a panel discussion featuring the influential revolutionary rap group, dead prez, took place at the Alkebu-Ian Village, discussing the future of hip hop as a tool for community building in Detroit. The event was a part of The Rebirth Experience, featuring a concert and community activities, organized by The Urban Network. The guest speakers were asked how hip hop can affect a rebirth in ...

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Poor Man’s Art Collective unveils new show

For the past 11 years, the founders of the Poor Man’s Art Collective (PMAC), Geno Harris and Mychal Noir have been working to bring attention to the creations by Detroit’s unknown and emerging artists. They get another crack at it Oct. 25-Nov. 8, when PMAC’s new show, “Thinking Outside of the Box!” adorns the walls of The Liberal Arts Gallery at 3361 Gratiot, on the city’s east side. ...

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