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Black leaders, past and present, on Black economic empowerment

It is absolutely critical that we, as Black folks, get serious in 2014 about maximizing our economic potential in this country. We often swear we revere the guidance of illustrious ancestors and present-day wise persons who strive to give us direction on how to best promote and protect our individual and group interests in a society that is at best a lukewarm environment for us. The following observations f ...

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Wishes for the New Year

By Julianne Malveaux Trice Edney Newswire Happy New Year! Jan. 1 and 2 are the days when most think of the “new” year, yet with the first Monday in January falling on Jan. 6, that’s probably when most people will return to their desks with focused energy and ready to go. Post-its and scrawled notebook paper will trumpet “new” resolutions. Eat less, relax more, volunteer, tithe, save — all that good stuff.  ...

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Resolution: More passion

Clouds and tempests mark the dawn of 2014. The economy is recovering, we are told, but the people aren’t. Over 20 million people are still in need of full-time work. America, the land of opportunity, now is scarred by more extreme inequality and less mobility than other industrial nations. More of our children grow up in poverty and we do a worse job of offering them a helping hand up. Gun violence continue ...

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2014: New year

As we begin a new year, we hope for growth — economic, moral and political — and new opportunity in Detroit. We welcomed a new mayor, Mike Duggan, who began his tenure with not just a financial storm, but a weather emergency — a polar vortex, no less. A record snowfall and cold temperatures made for an icy, cold Detroit. City buses were more than two hours late on the mayor’s first day. The new mayor quickl ...

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Killing and dying for respect

There was some disbelief over social media when it was suggested the accused shooter of two Newark, N.J., teens was prompted by the suspect’s feeling disrespected. The suspect, a 15 year-old boy, is reported to have been angry because he believed two other young men had “hit” on a girl he was dating. The boy’s rage resulted in the death of a 13-year-old girl, Zainee Hailey, who was struck by a stray bullet ...

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