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The reality of climate change

...(A) true climate change plan involves much more than having a battery-powered radio or an alternate power source for charging electronic devices. It requires serious action by governments, industries and individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But the past year has made clear that, in the meantime, we should all do what we can to make our own homes resilient to climate change. ...

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OPINION: The cost of not doing business

You have heard the term, “the cost of doing business,” which means folks in business have certain costs that come with the territory. Some characterize it by saying, “It takes money to make money.” Agreed, of course, but how much money does it take for businesses that Black consumers support to make more money? What is their cost of doing business within the Black consumer segment? ...

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OPINION: The CBC — Then and Now

Too often people who have experienced and endured long-term oppression and suffering take for granted some of the socioeconomic and political indicators of progress. In other words, it is important periodically to assess both the setbacks and the gains Black America has made during the past 50 years. ...

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Always Brewing open mic uplifts Detroit talent

Detroit’s open mic scene remains a vibrant part of the city’s arts community, and the Thursday evening spotlight at Always Brewing Detroit, a community coffee shop at 19180 Grand River on the city’s west side, has become a trusted venue for talented vocal artists to be heard. Running from 7-10 p.m., anybody is free to sign the open mic list and present their music, poetry or message. ...

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Detroit EM transfers authority to mayor, council

After two days of closed door meetings with the City Council and Mayor Mike Duggan, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr has transferred all authority back to the executive and legislative branches. Late in the afternoon, Sept. 25, following a public hearing Orr signed Order 42 to Address Issues Relating the the Conclusion of the Emergency Manager's Tenure and Transfer of City Operations. ...

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