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‘Power to the Vanguard’ awakens Detroit’s radical past

“Power to the Vanguard: Original Printed Materials from Revolutionary Movements around the World, 1963-1987” puts on display unique prints, posters, paper ephemera, broadsides, pamphlets, buttons, and rare newspapers from radical left movements across the globe with a special emphasis on Detroit-based activity. ...

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World Bank linked to ‘cultural genocide’ of Sengwer people

Leaked documents seen by The Guardian newspaper of London reveal the World Bank ignored an inspection report that detailed violations of the Bank’s own policies, permitting the burning of homes and forcible eviction of approximately 1,000 Sengwer people from their ancestral lands in Kenya’s Embobut forest. ...

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Perpetual control

What makes the situation even more perplexing is that fact that, in a separate case involving a federal challenge to PA 436, lawyers from the state Attorney General’s Office specifically argued that — as long as certain conditions were met — the law was clear in establishing a strict 18-month limit on the term an EM could remain in control. ...

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