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Bad policy causes increase in crime

David Fultz, Antonio Leonard, David Doxey

Media reports indicate crime is increasing in the city. Do policy decisions, such as decreased street lighting in certain areas of the city, contribute to the increase in crime?

Yes. Not just a decrease in street lighting but decreased funding for after-school programs. When young people have nothing to do and no supervision they end up in trouble.
David Fultz

I think it does — especially the lighting issue. When you can’t see who’s committing the crime, how are you going to file a police report? I’ve experienced it. I was going home. The street lights on my block were out. A guy smacked me with a brick, knocked me down. It was dark, I couldn’t see him. I could only feel someone going through my pockets.
Antonio Leonard

The education system does not do a good job of socializing students. And that’s because the extra curricular activities have been shut down. There’s only sports and not everyone is an athlete.
David Doxey

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