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Barrow files for recount


Tom Barrow

DETROIT – On Aug. 23, Tom Barrow, defeated in the mayoral primary election, filed a petition to recount the Aug. 6 Detroit primary. The 99-page document lists a number of irregularities that Barrow refers to as “crimes” committed during the course of the election cycle.

“The entire petition is rife with details concerning potential crimes and other illegalities, as well as substantial fraudulent acts which affected the outcome of the Aug. 6 primary election,” says Barrow in a press statement.

Barrow also says he has filed a complaint with the state Attorney General and federal authorities.

In his petition, Barrow alleges that contributions to Mike Duggan’s Turnaround Detroit political action committee were not allowable.

Barrow also says “illegal” challengers used his organization, Citizens for Fair Elections as a front to challenge at the polls.

“This is a crime,” says Barrow.

Barrow believes a group set up a fake Web site using the Citizens for Fair Elections name to recruit volunteers to work the polls in Detroit. Citizens for Fair Elections, founded by Barrow’s brother and led by Barrow, was one only of four groups registered to poll watch on election day in Detroit.

Included in his petition are documents showing that is hosted in Provo, Utah.  Barrow says that neither he, nor any members of his team, created that Web site. In an email to the Michigan Citizen, Barrow elaborated: “(this) proves the interstate status of the bogus website” where money is exchanged “across state lines, thereby making this a wire fraud crime … In addition, because there were more than two people involved (implicating both whoever purchased the domain, and the Provo-based seller), this involves a RICO conspiracy, which also is a federal crime.”

Barrow says corporations contributed to Mike Duggan’s campaign, which is illegal, and one of the donors also owns a casino.

Barrow lists the names of these contributors and their corporate status, which he says, “highlights the illegal status of their contributions.”

Barrow says Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert, who is now owner of Greektown Casino and another property in Cleaveland, gave to the Turnaround Detroit PAC. Barrow says Michigan law forbids this.

A licensee or person who has an interest in a licensee or casino enterprise cannot contribute to campaigns, according to Barrow’s reading of state law.

Barrow’s petition will not move forward until the state Board of Canvassers certifies the election results, which they are expected to do on Sept. 3.


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