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FULL VIDEO: Beyoncé’s sister attacks Jay Z in elevator

Bad publicity for African American power couple

What’s going on with the Knowles-Carter family? TMZ recently released a video of Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles hitting and kicking Yonce’s rap mogul husband Jay Z in an elevator following a Met Gala after party.

The attack, which took place at the Standard Hotel in New York last week, was captured on surveillance video.

Beyoncé, Solange and Jay Z step into the elevator. Solange appears to be yelling at Jay Z, and then begins to hit him. A bodyguard tries to hold her back when she kicks Jay in the stomach.

Beyoncé barely intervenes.  She stands through most of the altercation with her hands crossed in front of her . 

It’s unclear what started the fight.

A second video shows the three walk out of the elevator. A smiling Beyoncé follows her sister who is apparently upset. The sisters get in one car and the bodyguard directs Jay Z to a second vehicle. 

The fight is the first bad publicity for the power couple, who made headlines at the Met event earlier that night as the “world’s cutest couple.”

On the red carpet, when one of Beyoncé’s rings fell off her finger, Jay Z found it, and while kneeling, “mocked a proposal,” putting the ring back on her finger. 

A TIME article called them the “most perfect, gorgeous, wonder couple.”

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