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Blacks must play role in city’s development

As the political landscape in Detroit changes to include more whites vying for top positions in the city, what role will African Americans, as a majority population, play in Detroit’s ongoing development?

“Black people kept the city alive when everyone else left. So, it will be up to us to keep it going no matter how difficult it gets.” — Precious Martin

“African Americans will have a large influence on Detroit’s recovery. We have to stand together in solidarity.” — Taylor Johnson

“I think I’ll be around a while. Lord, please lay eyes on the city of Detroit. Let us be in your hands.” – Mother Ruedell Holmes

“We know struggle. We came into this country struggling and we will prosper and endure.” — Truth Atkins

“The population will grow and Blacks will continue to be a major part of the political process. This will never be a white city again.” — James Carr

“Detroit is a work in progress and it remains to be seen what role Blacks will play in the end. But I hope people remember what happens when disenfranchised people get fed up.” — Melvin Reynolds

“The role African Americans will play in Detroit’s development will depend on how well we begin to understand the process by which we elect our leaders. If we continue to elect crooks we will continue to get shook.” — Michael Reynolds


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