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Body Boot Camp gets beginners in shape

Bridget Porter

Bridget Porter

By Puakea Olaisha Anderson
Special to the Michigan Citizen

DETROIT — YMCA’s Smart Fitness certified personal trainer Bridget Porter launched Body Boot Camp for people who need to get in shape for the new year. Porter is anticipating a great response with the beginning of this year’s program.

“Body Boot Camp began three years ago,” says Porter. “I want people to understand … the importance of having intensity during your workout.”

Being an athlete in high school and college inspired Porter to become a personal trainer. She also played football with a starting position as cornerback and was considered a utility player, which means she played all positions.

“I enjoyed the workouts as a college athlete and I wanted to stay fit for sports,” said Porter. Having a healthy relationship with her clients is important to Porter. She has implemented two additional workout classes for clients. One session begins at 5:30 a.m. It is named “Rise and Shine” and runs for four weeks. Classes are affordable, ranging from $60 and up. The other class, “Fresh off The Couch,” is a beginner workout plan that is eight sessions long.

“I try to explain to my clients it is important to exercise and have a better diet. I try to adjust the workouts according to your lifestyle,” says Porter. Core training is the center of Porter’s workouts. The core is considered your abs and muscles close to the center of your body, upper back, lower back and pelvis. Porter’s other method of training is planks.

“When you plank, your body is in push up position with your forearms on the ground and you hold it as long as you can,” said Porter. Dieting is just as important as exercising, she added. Starting with a healthy meal for breakfast can increase your energy for the whole day. Discipline is also an important factor when beginning a new diet and exercise regimen.

“It is important for people to change. I give momentum to help people change their health and fitness. You need to have a certain routine, eat healthy food and exercise. I give motivational tips for dieting,” says Porter.

For more information about Smart Fitness and the offered workout classes, visit, or call 602.492.MOVE (6683).


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