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Ride with muralist Hubert Massey!

Working in largest scale — in fresco and mosaic like Michelangelo — Hubert Massey projected his polychrome vision of Detroit and its people onto locations across the city and region. In 2011, Massey was awarded a prestigious Kresge Fine Arts Fellowship and more recently a honorary doctorate of Fine Arts from Grand Valley State University. On May 31, Massey himself will guide a bus tour through the city show ...

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‘Michigan law carries badge and stigma of slavery’

Attorneys argued April 29 before U.S District Court Judge George Caram Steeh that Michigan’s Emergency Manager law is unconstitutional. It violates citizens’ — especially Black citizens’ — protected rights of free speech, right to vote, equal protection, due process and right to representative government. And it violates the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution Attorney Herb Sanders told Judge Steeh the ...

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Two Detroits? Gentrification. talk gets real

The heated conversation about gentrification in Detroit came to the Jam Handy building April 26. Hosted by The Michigan Citizen, a panel discussed the challenges, opportunities and consequences of new development in Detroit. Topics included the displacement of longtime residents, the racial divide in the city, and access to business opportunities for both new and established residents. ...

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McCormick seeks to disqualify two for residency

Monique Baker McCormick is challenging the right of Burton M. Leland and Ramon J. Patrick to compete against her for the seat of District 6 Wayne County Commissioner for northwest Detroit. McCormick is requesting Wayne County Clerk Cathy M. Garrett disqualify the two candidates for not living in the district they want to represent. ...

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Progressive actions

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr has offered almost no structural change in his proposals to move the city toward good financial health. He has slashed city workers, privatized services, and colluded in the sale of public assets for private gains. But he has done little to actually enhance revenue into the city. Other than increasing parking tickets, he has not used his powers to reassess revenue streams ...

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Detroit Raw

An unemployed guy gives police a report he had $1,500 on him and says he was robbed at a strip club by (gulp) strippers. Problem is the guy is Joe Utash, the son of the driver of the pickup truck that hit a kid on Detroit’s east side. Joe’s father consequently suffered a near-fatal viral beat down. According to a Fox 2 report, Joe was blowing off a little steam after a fundraiser for his father. The streets ...

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Infant death in Detroit

“We have babies dying before they are one-year-old who don’t have to die,” says Leseliey Welch of Detroit’s Institute for Population Health. This year, the IPH was awarded a three-year $375,000 grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to strengthen and grow the public health infrastructure for mothers and babies in Detroit. ...

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The Great Hair Day Escape at the Boggs School

The Great Hair Day Escape was a community event that took place March 22 at the James and Grace Lee Boggs School on Detroit’s east side. The event was organized by the Boggs School Exploratory Community Outreach (ECO) group, a community organizing group that facilitates neighborhood conversations in order to build community and connect resources in the neighborhood and the school. ...

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Youth participants bring spirit to Detroit Food 2014

Each year the Detroit Food Summit works to include youth in the discussion on building a stronger local food system in Detroit. This year there was a special focus on youth involvement. One hundred elementary, middle and high schools students from across the city participated in Detroit Food 2014: Race to Good Food held at Focus: HOPE Conference Center April 3 and 4. ...

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