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CORN-SPIRACY?! Save the planet and end world hunger in one easy step

White vinyl letters on the tall windows of the local Aco Hardware store read “Tools- Garden-Electrical-Food and Beverages.” Food and Beverages?! By food and beverages, they mean gum, candy bars and pop. At what point did we become so spoiled and bored that swallowing a Snickers bar is the only way to battle the momentary ennui of waiting in line to buy rat traps. ...

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Completing the agenda

Dr. Ronald J. Harkness loves to be challenged! When he is not at work or at home among his family and friends, he enjoys helping to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities by helping them learn and retain information they learned. ...

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Update for upcoming Dr. King commemoration

As part of the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1963 Walk to Freedom, the Detroit Branch NAACP, UAW-Ford, General Motors and other community organizations will host “Freedom Walk: We Shall Not Default on Our Freedom” June 21-22 as well as a video contest for high school and college students. ...

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Petroleum coke concerns grow

Mountains of petroleum coke — a byproduct of oil refining from tar sands in Alberta, Canada — have drawn public concern in the southwest Detroit neighborhood where the black mounds have been deposited along the riverfront since late fall. Wayne Law Professor Nick Schroeck, who is executive director of the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center, joined United States Rep. Gary Peters and others to speak out dur ...

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Detroit Peoples Platform Convention participants discuss city platforms

Over 200 Detroit residents, community leaders and activists gathered for the Detroit Peoples Platform and Convention June 1 at Marygrove College. The convention was organized around five different platforms: government, jobs, land acquisition, food and transportation, for each of the seven new City Council districts. ...

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