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OPENING DAY: Open your mind before you open your mouth!

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but Opening Day has to take the cake for the most racist day in Detroit. I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Ga., where we had plenty of racism but no Opening Day festivities, most likely due to the muted lackluster of the southern spring and the fact that many metropolitan residents’ sports loyalties remained in the very rust belt cities from which they had recently ...

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Roy Roberts revels in accolades while Detroit’s children fall further behind

Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Roy Roberts had some fabulous news to share on NBC’s Education Nation Detroit Summit on March 22. DPS had surpassed the Michigan state average in 14 of 18 categories measured by the state’s student proficiency test, the MEAP. Applause and accolades followed Roberts’ pronouncement. Chelsea Clinton divulged that she would entrust her own children to the emergency manag ...

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PLA answers questions from Council

Once the Public Lighting Authority is up and running, it plans to repair or replace most of the city’s streetlights. That time should be soon, according to the members of the PLA Board, which gave a presentation at City Council’s formal session April 2. “We’re just now getting to the point where we’re ramping up,” said PLA Chair Maureen Stapleton. Stapleton was joined by fellow PLA board members Marvin Beat ...

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Title VI complaints will be investigated

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has announced it will investigate complaints filed against Detroit Public Schools and the State of Michigan. Helen Moore, of Keep The Vote/No Takeover, filed a Title VI complaint last year alleging the state of Michigan, through its statewide school district, discriminated against Black and Latino students and parents. Moore says low-income dis ...

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Benny Napoleon will run for mayor

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon announced his intentions to run for mayor of Detroit March 26 at the Masonic Temple. Over 1,200 community leaders — including UAW President Bob King, local pastors and others — attended. Napoleon said Detroit must “grow” its way out of its problems. ...

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Gentlemen ride Harleys

Surely the three young men — William S. Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson — who invented the V twin-engine motorcycle 110 years ago could not have known the status their motor-powered pedal-bike would have today. The “Bentley of bikes,” is how one metro rider describes Harley-Davidson motorcycles. ...

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93 years and still going

People came from all over the metro area in their most dapper ballroom attire to celebrate Detroiter Houston Pritchett’s 93rd birthday. Mr. Pritchett, the father of seven children, celebrated his birthday at Burton Manor in Livonia with family and friends. “I am crazy about a party,” Pritchett told this reporter. “(And) this a good party!” More than 300 people attended. There were vendors, an open buffet an ...

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WCCCD’s Dual Enrollment Program helps Celia Luna jumpstart successful career

You do the math and you don’t have to be a genius like Celia Luna, an instructor in algebra, to figure this out. The economic doldrums and the skyrocketing costs of higher education is forcing many families to encourage their children to take advantage of dual credit, concurrent enrollment or joint enrollment — whichever name you choose — programs. These all allow students to earn college credits while fini ...

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All of Nain Rouge, not just the dwarf, should be banished

On Sunday, March 24, some Detroiters will gather in Cass Park to watch the 4th Annual Marche du Nain Rouge. According to legend, the founder of Detroit, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, encountered a nain rouge (French for red dwarf) one morning while out on his daily walk through the city. Cadillac’s immediate response was to strike the dwarf with his cane. The dwarf ran off, cursing the city as he fled. It i ...

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