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All of Nain Rouge, not just the dwarf, should be banished

On Sunday, March 24, some Detroiters will gather in Cass Park to watch the 4th Annual Marche du Nain Rouge. According to legend, the founder of Detroit, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, encountered a nain rouge (French for red dwarf) one morning while out on his daily walk through the city. Cadillac’s immediate response was to strike the dwarf with his cane. The dwarf ran off, cursing the city as he fled. It i ...

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Paramount Homeowners

Homeowners filled Wayne County Circuit Court Judge John H. Gillis’ courtroom March 4 for a hearing to get assistance in making settlements with the Police and Fire Pension Board to keep their homes. However, no representative for the Pension Board was in attendance and the hearing did not happen as expected. According to Gillis’ clerk, there was a mix up with the date. ...

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Top 10 reasons people of color should care about sequestration

Thanks to congressional Republicans putting the economy in jeopardy during the debt ceiling debacle in the summer of 2011 and again in 2012, a package of automatic across-the-board spending cuts known as sequestration is set to go into effect this month. Senate Democrats have proposed a balanced approach to resolve this crisis, urging congressional Republicans to avoid the damaging sequester cuts by accepti ...

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93-year-old hustle and ballroom dancer still going strong

Mr. Houston Pritchett, who will be 93-years-old on March 24, is still wearing his dancing shoes. For his birthday, Mr. Pritchett is going to show off his dance moves at the third annual Detroit Ballroom Convention dinner dance being held on March 16. He will attend with family, friends and the dancing community from Detroit and across the country. Attracting dancers at all levels, the convention will be hel ...

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DSA raising funds to play at Carnegie Hall

Detroit School of Arts students was recently invited to Carnegie Hall, but there is one problem: Lack of funding. Detroit School of Arts was recently awarded $2.5 million from The Knight Foundation. However, the University of Michigan delegates how the money is to be spent. U-M officials disperse the money over a five-year period. The students have only received $10,000 from the grant, which is divided betw ...

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Local choir director unites voices

Outside of high school and college, there aren’t many opportunities for singers to sing in a choir. Nina Scott, renowned choir director, founded the United Voices of Detroit in 2009 in hopes of changing that. “My students for years and years would graduate college or high school and come back and say, ‘Start a choir, I want to sing,’” Scott told the Michigan Citizen. “So in March of 2009, right before my re ...

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