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Black Slate hosts forum on civic engagement

The Black Slate will host an open meeting May 1. The meeting will focus on volunteerism and civil/social/community action. According to a press statement, Black Slate friends, supporters, volunteers and the community is invited. The meeting will feature representatives from the Michigan Democratic Party, National Action Network, NAACP, UCC/DMA-Social Justice M.A.T., Detroit Young Dems among others. ...

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Flower Power: Don’t kill the Dandelion, eat it and let it grow

I was watching TV the other day. Commercial break. Cut to a lush green lawn. A single yellow dandelion springs up through the emerald expanse. The heroic protagonist appears left. He spies the flower, runs, dives, somersaults onto the lawn and pops up sturdily on one knee. Brandishing a bottle of weed killer, he fires. The patented nozzle rains hell on the defenseless sunbather. The flower withers. And dies ...

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