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Desmond Tutu turns 82, keeps hope alive for peace  

Outspoken peace advocate, former Archbishop Desmond Tutu, marked his 82nd birthday Oct. 7 amidst well-wishers including former United Nations chief Kofi Annan, who delivered the third annual Desmond Tutu International Peace Lecture at the University of the Western Cape. Annan called on Africans to embrace all people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or economic status. He urged religious leader ...

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Joburg art fair censors lose bid to ban portrait of deadly miners’ strike

Solidarity among artists rescued the larger-than-life painting of a tragic miners’ strike in 2012 where some 44 people were killed and 78 were wounded in a murderous onslaught by security guards against workers that horrified the nation. Removed from the walls by the fair’s organizers, the painting by Ayanda Mabulu was quickly restored after veteran photographer David Goldblatt threatened to take down his o ...

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Nigeria’s Port Harcourt is World Book Capital City for 2014

A coalition of reading groups represented by the United Nation’s cultural agency UNESCO have picked Port Harcourt of Nigeria as the World Book Capital City for its efforts to “bring back the book” to the forefront of national discourse. Credit for the award was shared by the Rainbow Book Club (RBC) and other clubs promoting the culture of reading for entertainment and information among senior secondary and ...

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Nigerian beauty captures Muslim-only pageant crown

In a contest that highlights religious values and Islamic fashions, 21-year-old Obabiya Aishah Ajibola of Nigeria was the tearful winner of the coveted prize. The beauty pageant for Muslims took place in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, prior to the Miss World competition, which was relocated to Bali after protests by hard-line Indonesian Muslim groups who found it offensive. ...

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Gruesome photos of Kenyan mall shootings spark debate

The shocking terror assault at a popular shopping center in Nairobi sent shivers around the world as global news media supplied minute-to-minute coverage of the deadly event. Some 68 people were killed and 170 injured in the attack by alleged Somali al-Shabab insurgents who, for four days, held hostages in a siege at the upscale mall. ...

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Nairobi attack exposes flawed U.S. terror policies

In the aftermath of the worst terror attack in East Africa in three years, foreign policy scholars here are urging the U.S. government to rethink its counter-terror policy in the region. Many are suggest the Somali al-Shabab militant organization, reportedly linked to Al Qaeda, may be stronger and better organized than previously thought. ...

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Congolese nun receives high U.N. honor

A Roman Catholic nun, who rides a bicycle deep into the bush in the northeastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo to help female victims of war, is to receive a top U.N. award for her courageous work. Sister Angelique Namaika is familiar, pedaling down dirt roads to visit the women and to run a center she first called Maman Bongissa in the village of Dungu. The center trains displaced women and girl ...

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South Africans win ruling against steel polluter

A major steel producer has been ordered to turn over documents about the environmental impact of its two South African facilities, which activists say poisoned the air and water as well as left a trail of hazardous waste. Activists allege water from ten unlined waste ponds seeped into the groundwater and polluted their wells. As a result their crops failed, animals died, and no one would buy their land. ...

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Villagers in polluted zones call oil company’s compensation offer ‘cruel’

An oil company’s offer to compensate some 13,000 fishermen — who lost their livelihoods when an oil pipeline burst and caused fishing water to be fouled for years — was unanimously rejected as “an insult” and “cruel.” The Bodo community of the Niger Delta of Nigeria declined the offer from the Anglo-Dutch company Royal Dutch Shell of 7.5 billion Nigerian naira, or just under $48 million — about $1,750 for e ...

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