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African hearts swell at Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar prize

The chatter on social media sites was off the charts as the Oscar choice for best supporting actress was named — the luminescent Lupita Nyong’o — for her role in the Hollywood feature film “12 Years a Slave.” Nigerian journalist Bim Adewunmi, writing in The Guardian, was one of many Africans covering the long night of prizes and accolades and who witnessed Nyong’o at the moment of her victory and feel the c ...

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Proposed budget cuts won’t slow the militarization of Africa

In a departure from the longstanding tradition of squeezing every possible dime from the Treasury to buy weapons, the White House is asking for significantly less money for the Pentagon budget. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel proposes a 450,000 troop reduction, the elimination of the A-10 “tank killer” aircraft, and the shelving of the U-2 spy plane. ...

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