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Obama taps Democratic Party activist as envoy to South Africa

Patrick Gaspard, a campaign operative for President Obama, former union chief with the Service Employees International Union and campaign aide to New York City Mayor David Dinkins, is President Obama’s nominee for ambassador to South Africa, it was announced last week. Gaspard, with long Democratic Party credentials, including executive director of the Democratic National Committee, was born in the Democrat ...

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Eight hopefuls turn up election heat in first-ever American-style debate

Eight contenders for the Kenyan presidency took off the gloves and dazzled TV viewers with their knowledge on a wide range of issues — from tribalism, health and education — as the crucial national election on March 4 nears. In the first-ever American-style TV debate, all condemned the ethnic feuding that tore the nation apart in 2007, leaving some 1,200 dead more than 300,000 displaced. Land disputes conti ...

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Zuma unveils Madiba statue

South African President Jacob Zuma unveiled a 23-foot statue Dec. 13 of former S.A. president and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, affectionately called “Madiba,” for his African Xhosa tribe name. The erection of the statue, which stands above the landscape overlooking Mangaung, forms part of government’s programs to honor the country’s heroes and heroines in the struggle for liberation. ...

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Reconnecting the umbilical cord: Haiti to join the African Union

On the fourth floor of Howard Center, two graduate students and two professors in African Studies mulled Haiti’s application to become the first potential non-African member of the African Union in January 2013. “If you consider that islands like Martinique are quite far away from Europe but are still part of the European Union, Martinique by virtue of being a part of France, Haiti’s becoming an AU member d ...

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Military service in Africa? No thanks

Army Times news service has reported that more than 3,000 United States soldiers will be deployed to Africa next year. While defense officials claim these troops will be involved in “teaching military tactics, medicine and logistics, as well as combating famine, disease and terrorism in secure environments,” some critics suspect the actual objectives are to secure U.S. access to Africa’s vast oil reserves a ...

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Equatorial Guinea celebrates Independence Day in New York

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea Permanent Mission to the United Nations hosted Oct. 30 a reception for the celebration of the 44th Anniversary of Accession of National Independence. “For African Americans, Equatorial Guinea’s 44th Anniversary marks our return to the motherland,” said Victor Mooney, a Queens resident and AIDS activist. ...

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